Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NDP Arts Caucus

The NDP has found a 'Quebec friendly' theme for their first term as the official opposition, introducing their arts caucus at a comically bad press conference. Their purpose was to introduce new MPs with a background in the arts, but none of them were actually prepared to have a substantive discussion about the arts. When journalists asked them about arts policy, Charlie Angus told them that the NDP is not the government. "When we are government you will see that platform be brought forward in one of our first press conferences but now we are the Official Opposition so we’re not bringing out our election platform to you and saying we demand this to be implemented". Way to dodge the question Charlie! So the NDP are going to wait until they win an election to announce their policy platform?

The toughest questions for the arts caucus came from the Quebec media. On reporter even asked "why are you holding a press conference here this morning? Are you announcing something? Promising something? Are you worried about the majority you are facing? Do you think that you can have any kind of influence?" You have to enjoy those moments when the journalists attending a press conference have to ask why a press conference is even taking place.

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  1. Northern Ontario ToryMay 17, 2011 at 7:18 PM

    "Do you think that you can have any kind of influence?"

    EXACTLY! The NDP still have not realized that they have far less influence now. I expect to hear a great deal of whining from Angus about how those mean Conservatives won't do what the NDP wants.