Saturday, May 14, 2011

"The Elizabeth May Party"

Full marks to Kelly McParland for his article this week suggesting that the Green Party should change its name to the Elizabeth May Party, as she has transformed them into a one person show; great for Lizzy, but to the detriment of every Green member outside of Saanich. The Greens nationally saw their vote cut nearly in half, as their leader spent virtually all her time in Saanich trying to win the one riding. Being the leader afforded her media attention, which she was unwilling to share with other candidates. I also recommend Rex Murphy's latest piece about the "historic" Green victory in the election.

"Ms. May was supposed to bring the party a higher profile and greater credibility. She has succeeded in the first, although party members have to wonder exactly who is benefiting from the extra attention: the Greens or Elizabeth May. To a large degree their party leader has succeeded in establishing the Elizabeth May Party as a regular fixture, and has her seat in Saanich-Gulf Islands to prove it."

-Kelly McParland


  1. I'm sorry, but I really can't comment on someone so irrelevant to Canadian society.
    mel wilde

  2. Imagine, 4 yrs of her being silenced in the HofC, who could ask for anything more. She will get little media coverage and she will not influence any other party to put her ideas into action.
    Who will give up a spot on a committee for her, or who will give up time in QP for her to ask a question. My bet, nobody.

  3. Given that she decided to forget her party and campaign for herself, I hope she is sent out to a green independent pasture, her shrill voice, calling for a civilized debate, being viewed with hypocrisy, and muzzled forever, along with the shallow-thinking greenie supporters.

  4. As far as the Greens go this is probably better for them. With the loss of the per-vote subsidy a single Green MP is probably worth more to the party than the votes they lost. I'd also suggest that since she has shown a Green MP can get elected that we might see an increased Green vote in the ridings they target next election.