Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stockwell Day Endorses Liberals Over Conservatives

After retiring from federal politics and returning to British Columbia, Stockwell Day has now publicly declared his support for the BC Liberals over the BC Conservatives. His justification is on par with the large majority of federal Tory voters who vote Liberal provincially. Anybody but the NDP. That makes sense, and I sympathize as a survivor of Bob Rae's Ontario. But the BC Liberals (whom I voted for in the last election) need to spend some time in the penalty box. Christy Clark is exactly the wrong person to lead this province. She needs to lose the next election. Do I think the fledgling BC Conservatives will win that election, well it is very unlikely but they need to run a full slate of candidates. I am willing to accept one term of the NDP in order to send the Liberals to the penalty box and help the future chances of the BC Conservative Party. Let's take one for the team.

When the Liberals selected Christy Clark to be their leader, they forever lost my support. Stockwell, I disagree with your opinion on this matter even if I understand where you are coming from.


  1. I'm having the same problem as Stock and many others in BC. I'll wait to see who my candidates are in my riding before making up my mind. Your assessment of C.Clark is spot on and she is from the liberal side of the BCLib coalition as verses the conservative/so-cred/reform side. Anybody but NDP is the way I am thinking at the moment.

  2. BC is different: it is not for the faint of heart!
    There is a very prominent political left, but not a strong right as in Alberta.
    The BC 'Liberal' party should indeed change its name to reflect the coalition that it is. Maybe the BC Party. There needs to be an influx of more conservatives into that party to keep it centric and be able to get a majority.
    No, no we can't have the NDP in power even for one term: that would be disastrous! I can understand Stock's position.

  3. Most BC-ians, as most Canadians, are socially conservative (law and order, mind your own affairs, freedom within traditional boundaries) so they vote Conservative federally. Unfortunately, they are economically brain dead and therefore shoot themselves in the foot in provincial elections. It doesn't help that we haven't had a savvy leader since father and son Bennett and also that the BC media drink and dish out the left-wing coolade. There is no better example of the slaves lovin' the old plantation than the Native Indians of the Northwest who stymie every attempt to better their lives through economic development, preferring the implanted belief that they deserve better for GKW reason. Of course, they reflexively vote NDP.