Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Liberals want Peter MacKay to come clean on exit plans"

Another day in the writing of Liberal activist Jane Taber, trying to fuel speculation that Peter MacKay is leaving politics. The Minister of Defense never suggested that he was going quit, and has denied predominantly left wing accusations that he is planning to do exactly that. I like Peter MacKay and he is one of my top 3 choices for Stephen Harper's successor 6-10 years from now. I most certainly want him to remain in federal politics because I believe he is a fantastic Minister.

I suppose Jane is just having fun in the same way that Iggy was offered a prestigious job at U of T and some pundits had fun with that. She vigorously defended Iggy when the U of T job was offered, and now she is having fun with Peter MacKay being offered a job. It is either hypocrisy, sarcasm, or both.


  1. Is it Taber that is married to a Liberal bigwig, or is it another lefty reporter? Don't even bother to read the comments, they are so anti-Harper it reminds me of Rabble, a truly rancid lefty site.

  2. I wouldn't read ONE ARTICLE OR WATCH ONE SHOW TABOR is involved with. As you correctly stated... she is nothing but a liberal activist... and when you open or watch anything she is involved with - it only helps her ratings...We as conservatives should boycott anything she is involved with!...period!

  3. i wonder what the exit plans were for ww2.

  4. Unlike Liberal MP Derek Lee, who also works for a prestigeous law firm,
    Minister McKay only has one job, in service to Canadians.

    Some in the media are trying to fabricate a 'Red Tories jump ship'...
    of course no mention made of the 51 Reformers that came to Parliament, only 9 remain in PMSHs caucus.
    No 'Reformers jump ship' when Jay Hill and Jim Abbott chose this year to retire.