Monday, November 29, 2010

Free Willie!

While I am no fan of Willie Nelson's music, I don't think the world is suddenly a safer place with him incarcerated for marijuana possession. The Willie Nelson Tour bus was searched crossing from California into Texas, and big surprise, they found weed; leading authorities to put Willie Nelson under arrest. This is what the drug war has come to, putting the 77 year old Willie Nelson in jail? He is out on bail, but come on guys, FREE WILLIE!

My mother always used to tell me that had she ever had the chance to meet Willie Nelson once upon a time, he could have been my father. Same with Rod Stewart, the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, etc. But that never happened and my parents have been happily married for over 30 years.


  1. I think while they have Willie Nelson in custody they should wash him with soap, shampoo his hair, and give him some breath mints.

  2. Good one,Ice! Sometimes Willie really pens a good tune,other times he smokes them, but ,"Yesterday's Wine" is among my all-time favourite country songs.

    The world need Willie Nelson in jail like we need Willy Picton running a girl's school.

    Let Waylon's old buddy go.


  3. Oh please, that stoned out old burn out has fried so many neurons with his various drug cocktails over the years that he makes Ozzy Osbourne look like a particle physicist.

    Fuck him, he's a druggie and a tax cheat. He's lived his whole life in the single minded pursuit of satisfying his own greasy loser self gratification. It finally caught up with him.

    Karma's a bitch man. Rot in jail.

  4. Hey, Willie Nelson is the greatest. Show some charity. I smoked pot back in the day. Maybe I should be rotting in jail instead of raising a family and working for thirty-five years as a productive member of society. If we jailed all the musicians and artists who did drugs, damn, who would be left?

  5. Show some charity? ---- Why? This guy has had every break in life imaginable. He's pissed away more money on drugs and booze for his own bullshit cheap thrills than many GOOD people earn in a lifetime.

    Now that finally something is NOT rolling his way I'm supposed to show some charity? Fuck him.

    Yes, I did drugs ..."back in the day" too. So did Willie except this stoned out old groccery waster's "back-in-the-day" was 45 minutes ago.

  6. Maybe Nelson should be glad he got arrested. The de-lousing,shower and change of clothes probably did him good.

  7. You people are pathetic. Willie Nelson is a living legend and an American icon. I saw him live just a couple of years ago and he's as vital as a performer as he's ever been. Obviously marijuana use hasn't been a detriment to his amazing talent since he played with so much intensity, rockin' out on his old cranked up classical, that the old folks at the show left because it was too loud and rock n roll! Not to mention he didn't forget one word and his voice was in great form. Try saying that about any other 77 year old artist! Glen Campbell and George Jones are washed up alcoholics who don't even show half the time. Get a clue and support this amazing artist who deserves more respect that the talentless clowns out there today claiming the popular music throne of sell out nobodies, ie. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and random rappers with a name that starts with T- or Lil.

  8. Aaawww Steve's upset because people think Willie Nelson is a stoned out, wasted old fossil who looks & smells like a shooping cart pushing, schizophrenic, homeless dumpster diver.

    Tough luck Steve. If you want to support this old reprobate's drug habit that's your business. But it doesn't change what he is.