Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ignatieff "I could have been Prime Minister"

While I am polling visitors for the most substantial Iggy Flop, where the current leader is "coalition if necessary" then ruling out a coalition. It got me to thinking about his previous statement that he could have been Prime Minister but turned it down. It is a curious statement considering that after his bloodless coup against Dion, there was no guarantee that if he had then collapsed the government after prorogation that the Governor General would have made the newly unelected Liberal leader Prime Minister. It is quite an outrageous statement to say that he could have been Prime Minister when that was not the most probable outcome of his theoretical request of the GG when the man was not even elected leader of his own party.

Of course in Iggy's first few months as leader he was throwing around the "coalition if necessary, but not necessarily a coalition"; but now that he has more tenure, he has ruled out a coalition. I'm not convinced that the town's folk believe him on that one.

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