Monday, November 22, 2010

The Big Bang Theory

I have now watched about 5 episodes of The Big Bang Theory, and while the show is well written with witty dialogue that appeals to the geek inside me, the acting doesn't exactly "float my boat". Darlene's boyfriend from Roseanne over-acts his character and is not worth watching, his neurotic roommate gets more annoying each time I watch the show, and the girl from 8 Simple Rules is pleasant to look at but is not a skilled actress. I think the writing is fantastic, but the acting is mostly just annoying.

Right now my favourite sitcom is My Name Is Earl. Big Bang Theory has better writing, but for my money Jason Lee has more acting talent in his pinkie finger than the entire cast of Big Bang. If Jason Lee does not win the next award for best lead in a comedy series, something is wrong with the voting process for that award.


  1. I like the Big bang Theory but will check out my name is Earl.

  2. Big Bang theory is garbage for the brain. Please don't kill yourselves in such a brain numbing way.

    Good review though.
    Horrible-horrible acting indeed.

  3. I don't think Earl is on the air anymore, except in reruns

  4. I watch them without commercials via the web.
    Cheesy acting for a cheesy sitcom:
    I find the comic book and sci-fi references bang on. As a former comic book collector and Space Channel viewer the Will Wheaton Star Trek stuff is too funny.

    Will Shatner has a series that I like to watch.

  5. Earl hasn't been in production since May of '09.

  6. Well, I for one am a big fan of The Big Bang Theory. Having spent a lot of time at Science Fiction Conventions over the years, I know a lot of people like the characters from TBBT.

    These guys are great actors and bring these characters to life in a very believable way.

    Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper is downright brilliant acting. He deserved the Emmy he got this year, and the one he should have gotten last year.

    Hey, it's not Shakespeare! It's not supposed to be.

    I have every episode on DVD and look forward to each new show on Thursday nights at 8PM on CBS/CTV.