Friday, November 5, 2010

Ignatieff Numbers Continue To Slide

If you listened to Jane Taber or Rosemary Barton over the past few months, you'd have been convinced that the Tory government has been drowning in legitimate controversies that were expected to have a "devastating" effect on the ruling party. Canadians don't agree or haven't been paying attention. Iggy saw a polling bump during his summer tour, but once Parliament returned to work, Liberal numbers have gone down. This follows a pattern under Iggy's leadership of poll numbers going up when they are not in session, and down when Parliament resumes.

Why does this keep happening, Liberal numbers declining while Parliament is in session?


  1. The numbers go down because the MSM can't provide coverage of him at prearranged Liberal love-ins.

  2. I'm going off-topic here, but I, for one, am glad Prentice is leaving government. I always felt he was one of the more "lefty" members of the government.

  3. Anybody who watches Ignatieff can't help but feel the creep factor overtaking them. Watching him on CTV this morning with a hard hat that was too small for his head was enough for to make one throw up their breakfast. Dan Matheson challenged him about the economy and after stumbling a couple of seconds Ignatieff went on to explain it was the Canadian people working hard that helped get Canada "out of the ditch". What planet does this turkey live on? No wonder Canadians have no use for him. Elitist? You bet. His every word and movement exudes elitism.

  4. In a perfect Canada Mr Ignatieff's poll numbers and his attendance record in the HOC would match perfectly, both single digits.
    Cheers Bubba

  5. That hard hat must have been a child's version. When I saw a picture of him in Calgary in a western hat the first thought that came to mind was: "there's a perfect example of a ten gallon hat on a two gallon head."

  6. He can't connect. The media focus on scandal. There are scandals Canadians care about and there scandals they don't. It was the same thing under Chr├ętien.

  7. We had 2-4 summer polls? Just prior to the summer the Government had a 5-10 point lead. The media refer to 10 point lead as the high watermark and the horse race in the summer.

    They did the same thing in 2009 by citing a high poll and point to a poll that is close to suggest some movement. In all those instances the Liberals backed down every time.

    Once in 2009 the Liberals voted against the budget. In 2010 they have been MIA for budget bills. They have also abandoned their own members bills after championing them for months. It must be demoralizing for these MPs to be advised to stay away from supporting fellow Liberals.

    The audience share watching Canadian news is already low, but politics? It must be just above oil painting shows.

    Only junkies like are watching, rest is tuned out to the BS from the Hill.

  8. Why does this keep happening, Liberal numbers declining while Parliament is in session?

    The Harper Govt is getting things done
    while the coalition of losers sit on the side lines and howl.

    When Iffy does announce a policy
    1. it is lame
    2. and/or he stole the idea from the Dippers
    3. and/or PMSH already announced something similar, a year ago, in the Economic Action Plan
    4. AND Canadians have come to expect Iffy to change his mind.