Monday, November 22, 2010

Does Bob Rae Want To Be Prime Minister?

Today's poll question; do you think that Bob Rae wants to be Prime Minister of Canada? Suddenly as Iggy's numbers within his own party plummet, there are rumours that Bob Rae is going to retire as a Member of Parliament to become ambassador to Israel? Bobby started campaigning to become Prime Minister the moment he became a Liberal, but are we suddenly supposed to believe that he has given up on that ambition? Let's say that he does resign, does that mean he's giving up on Liberal leadership, or that he is Brutus but doesn't want a knife in his hand on D-Day? I ask you.

I think it would be great if Bob Rae retires from politics, because I shudder to think of what harm would befall the Canadian economy if he became Prime Minister. I remember during the 2006 Liberal leadership race one of my friends in the Conservative Party asked me who I wanted to win, Iggy or Rae? I answered Ignatieff. He said "but doesn't Rae give us the best chance to win?" To which I replied "perhaps, but Rae would do the most damage to Canada if he became Prime Minister, so Iggy is the lesser of two evils." Neither of us even remotely predicted that the Liberal membership would elect Stephane Dion, a move that set their party back a decade.


  1. Who wants to be PM when the real money is here:

    ''...More than 80 aboriginal-reserve politicians were paid more than Prime Minister Stephen Harper last year,
    according to new data obtained by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation...''

  2. Of course he does.

    And if the CPC does not take this seriously, he will be prime minister. Unless you assume that the CPC will be in power for the next 10-20 years, chances are he will be PM no matter what we try to do about.

    He is a capable man, a good speaker, and much more in touch with Canadians than Dion or Ignatieff.

    His baggage as Ontario premier is not as heavy as Conservatives want to believe. He is already mostly rehabilitated in the media (there were a number of articles in the Globe in the last few months about him, mostly favourable).

    He has both domestic and foreign policy experience. And he clearly has self control and discipline.

    And, in extremis, he does have the political history to suggest that he could make a liberal NDP alliance work, more than anyone in Canada.

    Fear Rae. I kid you not. There is no other politician in Canada that is such as threat to Harper's legacy.

  3. Mikhael
    You obviously weren't around when we were forced to take "Rae Days", for us it was a double whammy!! He left Ontario with the biggest debt ever. I hope the rumour is true, I will be glad to see the end of him!

  4. Problem MIkhael, Rae is the #3 pick of the Liberal B Team.
    Tho one member one vote would have changed the outcome of the last leadership race,
    Iffy would have been turning off voters since 2006.

    Rae most definitely would be the leader picked by the coalition of losers.
    He is experienced (provincially) at that too.

    Like Chretien said about a LibDip merger,
    "if it's doable, let's do it"

  5. Rae will be the next leader of the "Liberal"party followed by Turdo's kid... I predict that neither one of them will do any better than Dijon or Igg, and probably will do worse. I have die hard "Liberal" supporting relatives that live out east in Ontario (Oshawa) and they hate Boob Rae more than they hate Igg, and according to them this is a sentiment that is shared by a wide margin of "Liberals" in that Province. Rae probably has an appeal to his extreme left leaning whacko comrades hiding out in the "Liberal" party, and Rae makes the scenario of a Lib/Dip coalition more of a reality, but he will further erode the "Liberal" brand and whatever that party stands for. I personally believe that Rae will be the next leader of that wretched party, and will be a disaster, only to be outdone by that vacuous dumb-ass, dipshit, Turdo's kid.

  6. "..the Liberal membership would elect Stephane Dion, a move that set their party back a decade." Back a decade? Come on Iceman!! How do you know this? Where does this fact come from (besides it being your pointless opinion)?

    FYI: If the Liberals win the spring election, it would only be the third shortest time out of office. Pretty good huh? Your a math and numbers guy, so does that measure up to "setting us back a decade"?

  7. Liebsrule, The liberals have been out of power for almost half of that decade and the best they have to offer Canadians is no policy that they won't change in a heartbeat, an appalling inability to raise support outside the kook fringe base, and a leadership choice of the current citizen of convenience, a socialist ex-premier of Ontario, and a self-centered offspring of an ex-pm that believes he won the genetic lottery.
    The only hope of staying alive as a political party is if instead of hiding the coalition, is to make it official and merge the three parties.
    Good luck with that.

  8. Merging the three parties isn't impossible, but it won't come from the Liberals.

    Jack Layton only has to reach out to the "Orange Liberals", the Bloc and the Greens to get a bulletproof majority.

    Liberals are after power and will go to where they think they can get the keys to the treasury. The Bloc is a National Socialist party (in the correctly political sense), and won't find too much about the NDP platform which is not to their taste. "Greens" are red inside, so will also fall into the fold if they are convinced this is the route to power. The only real sticking point is defining who the "victims" are who are so eligible to receive our tax dollars, "working" Quebecois and working class environmentalists are the obvious targets for the NDP takeover and the rise of the Socialist Alliance Party.

    Bob Rae might not even be too upset about this; he is a silver spoon socialist after all, and will only be returning to his roots. Only Trudeau will be put out, but the remaining Liberal rump will look to him for salvation and are welcome to him.