Monday, November 15, 2010

Gordon Campbell Lame Duck

Should a political leader in our country who has announced that he is resigning because the people have turned on him be allowed to govern for another year? BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell is going to stay on long enough for a new throne speech and a new budget, even though his approval rating is in single digits and the province is revolting against him. I voted for his party because my options in the voting booth were Liberal, NDP, and Green. It wasn't really a choice, it was a lack of options. When I heard that Campbell was resigning, I was very excited. When he beat Carole James, I reported being pleased that the Sheriff of Nottingham had defeated the Wicked Witch of the West.

Today's poll question, if a Premier resigns due to excessive unpopularity, should he be allowed to table a new budget?

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  1. do you know how the hst works suppose to be good for business. the business gett back all there taxes because of it. for (example) you Buy a Pickup through the company they charge the hst you get the hst back so the pick up is tax free. Isn't that a good thing for business. I don't agree that he should have put it through after the election without telling us he should have used it as an election issue. he would have won then. that is all I have with a problem. now that I have been educted on it.