Monday, November 22, 2010

Don Cherry Endorses Fantino

The big question today is can a glowing endorsement for Conservative Julian Fantino from Canadian icon Don Cherry in next week's byelection help flip a riding that has been Liberal red for the last 22 years? "“There are not enough words to describe how much respect I have for Julian Fantino. He is honest, brave and always there for the ordinary guy. A class act and someone who will never let you down. He tells it like it is." Jane Taber seemed annoyed with the endorsement calling Cherry "the bombastic and sartorially outlandish Hockey Night in Canada commentator" and then following the Cherry quote wrote "there is more fawning analysis from Mr. Cherry, a former coach – but you get the idea."

Vaughan is of course a seat that the Liberals can not afford to lose in suburban Toronto. Polls currently indicate that the Liberals and Tories are running in a dead heat. Can such a strong endorsement by such a beloved opinionist push Fantino over the top? We will find out next week.


  1. After the disgusting role Fantino played in the Caledonia insurrection I wouldn't vote for him for street cleaner.

  2. I concur. As much as I like the thought of a PC riding win....not for this guy....not for what he didn't do for the folks of Caledonia...not for the message that has's not my brand...sorry.

  3. Oh come on guys, can't you just blame McGuinty for Caledonia and get on with it? Ontario Liberals love blaming Mike Harris for Ipperwash. Do unto others what they do to you, right? Isn't that how it goes?

  4. No I don't really think I can blame McShifty for Fantino being a lackey over glorified messenger boy. He sold US out big time, but I am grateful for his bold proof that police only do what their political masters allow them to do. The law means nothing in Ontario unless of course your not of protected status.

    I think I like the mob better at least while they shake you down for your protection money you know they will back up your payments by actually "protecting" you, unlike the OPP. They just steal your money and then say screw you when the chips are down.

  5. TGL

    That's the crux isn't it...the law has turned into a political stance of what is the current government's PC correct thing to do instead of being the law dealt out equally to all, you know blind and balancing the scales. It stinks and I would never support anyone who broke that trust.

  6. I guess the question is what would have happened if Fantino had been give free rein to kick ass and take names in Caledonia? Minor civil war? Serious infrastructure damage, certainly to the rail and power grid. Really bad press, inspired and circulated by the Lefty Press.

    There's a pretty fair likelihood that Fantino was muzzled from the 'git go! Tough call this one. I think that I'm going to go with Don Cherry on this one.

  7. When was the last time this many conservative supporters (on many other blogs, not just this one) expressed opposition to a Conservative Party candidate? Never, that's when...this level of anger is unprecedented, and that alone should make the party sit up and take notice. Most people think Fantino is actually a liberal anyway, so why isn't he running for them instead?

  8. The group against Fantino showed up with one dozen people two weeks ago.

    How many of these people who won't support Fantino live in Vaughan?

    Are the residents in Vaughan correct or do we refuse to accept their right to choose?

    This is a liberal held riding for 22 years and the last time the margin was over 5,000 votes.

    This would be a massive upset if the Liberals were to lose two in GTA back to back.

    Rob Ford and Julian Fantino would drive up the OHIP billing for therapists and pharmacare.

    Think of it a economic stimulus.

    Does this mean those critics also hold the Provincial MP, Federal MP, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and ultimately our PM for failing to act?

    What about the border crossing and the illegal smoke stands?

    The lack of property rights on the reserves?

    We have a long list of serious problems where do we start and who do we hold accountable for inaction and a lack of support for fixing these problems?

  9. PatsPlace, if that is true and Fantino was truly powerless TO DO HIS JOB, then he should have resigned and denounced this farce.

    The more I read about Fantino, the more disturbed I become. Victory at this price is not worth it.

  10. don must be getting dotty in his old age.

  11. I don't rightly care for Fantino's work WRT Caledonia, but I detest the provincial Liberals even more. Go Fantino.

  12. It is half a km from my place to Vaughan. I do not live there but I socialize with Vaughan residents. My party of preference is Conservative but I will not subjugate my principles. Unless Fantino succinctly blows the whistle on this dereliction of his duty in Caledonia I would send a message by not voting for him.

    I am not a formal participant in the stop Fantino movement. If he comes clean then I would change my mind.

    I speak almost daily to the people from there and many agree with me.

  13. I think the DC endorsement will actually hurt Fantino in the homestretch. In a by-election you don't have time to put down roots and turn your image around - you run with the image you got. For Julian, the majority see him through the Caledonia lense (e.g. either a feckless bureaucrat who ordered the OPP to sit on their guns or a vindictive, petty bully who intimdates non-native protesters like McHale). Either way, that's the image he's got. For Cherry to endorse Fantino, it only reinforces that image. The "rock'em sock'em" tough guy likes the cop - imagine that.

    I don't think the Tories have a chance of winning this Italian/Liberal stronghold but, if Fantino wants a shot - he'd say as little as possible about Don Cherry.

  14. I love Don Cherry, but he isn't always right. Fantino has to bear the brunt of criticism for his lack of action at Caledonia. He can't use the "I was only following orders" excuse.

    We didn't allow THAT at Nuremburg, and we can't accept it now.

    The only risk to Fantino doing his sworn and sacred duty was to his career,and he failed.