Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Climatology Vacation Retreat

It must be a great life to be a climatologist, as every year you get the opportunity for a lush retreat to a popular vacation destination. This year, they climate changeology lobby gets to visit beautiful Cancun. If they are so serious about making a difference in the arctic, why don't they do this conference in Nunavut in December? Instead, they are going to a tropical environment where they can sit on the beach on work on their tans. Way to go guys, where does moral superiority end and hypocrisy begin?


  1. Hey, as I was pointing out last week, visiting Mexico is no treat. If anything happens, look for the Mexican authorities to pin it on other climatologists from the same country as those mugged/assaulted/murdered, and only after the lobby lobbies them for months to actually investigate. And if the chaos misses them, there is always the risk of swamp gas.

  2. Nunavut in December would not allow them to protest, plus they might get attacked by an actual Polar bear and eaten, not good for their press ratings.

    Look at how they ignored the video of school kids being blown up, but are now OUTRAGED that the oilsands have been compared to yogurt.

    Do as they DEMAND not as they do.

  3. Comparing bank accounts is more like it.But don't blame them,BLAME THE FOOLS WHO BELIEVE THEM.If i said here is a nickel,i will sell it to you for 25 cents.I am sure some people would buy it.The old saying :There is a sucker born everyday"should be changed to there is a GW fool born everyday who has no money,but will spend yours for you.

  4. You speak of a polar bear incident as if it's a bad thing. If that group claims to stand for something, they should at least appear as those who make some sort of sacrifices.