Friday, November 19, 2010

Peter MacKay Going Rogue

Big story on CTV news last night, during a fire alarm Peter MacKay wore a hat that said "Fly Emirates" and stated his position that he believes we should have granted the UAE airline more landing rights in Toronto. He is entitled to have his opinion, even if I disagree with it. Yet the result of him taking that public position has the media speculating about a caucus revolt. That's what happens when you have "open mike" sessions with MPs. That's why Iggy asked his MPs not to talk to the media about his position on Afghanistan. In our 24 hour news cycle, it allows pundits to create a narrative.

That Peter MacKay would do this given the predictable media response probably suggests that he's leaning towards that private sector job offer. That's too bad, I always liked the guy. After the UAE spat went public, I ran the poll question with my Tory audience about whether or not the UAE should be given more landing rights on Canadian runways. The vote was a tight one, 95% no. I don't think this particular policy position translates into a successful run for party leadership.


  1. MacKay is fully aligning himself on the side of our Forces and the Camp Mirage imbroglio only served to distract money and resources from our collective effort. I do not believe that there is any rift in senior cabinet at all.

  2. Oh, I believe there's a rift alright. MacKay's portfolio has to take the brunt of the fall-out from the government's stand against the deal with the UAE blackmailers.

    The Emirates' airlines flooded the long-haul aviation markets in Australia, New Zealand and Britain, and apparently would like to do the same in Canada. But Minister Baird is on to them, and thank God for that.

  3. Harper denying UAE access to 2 Canadian airports will cost taxpayers $300 million. This is after UAE allowed Canada to use Camp Mirage rent free for 9 years.

    I hope it is worth it and not $300 million p*ssed down the drain. Which is how it appears right now.

  4. I expect McKay to spill some milk over the increased costs to move from this base. We have a review and ever department is being asked to make cuts. Stockwell Day Treasury may be using 10% cut may have greater impact as a result of losing Mirage.

    For anon not a biggie. Every country has their protectionist BS aviation dander up. Embraer (Brazl) Canada Bombardier Boeing (US) have had issues raised regarding WTO.

    We are a trading nation and spats occur. Remember mad cow (beef) and softwood trade irritant?

  5. He is my personal favourite. He's got the qualities of lead role characters from Jane Austin novels or a sophisticated investigator from the 1800s.

    but this is a serious error of judgement during a very inappropriate time.

    To be so wrong on an issue for the sake of diplomacy.

    I didn't happen to think of him as PM prior to this but this just eliminated that option on it's own.

    A good deputy leader but not when pulling stunts like this.
    It'll take a lot to make up for this to be up to par with the position of PM, IMHO.

    The liberals may have much-lower standards but we are not in need of a leadership change for sometime. The CPC shouldn't be in any sort of hurry to do so. Though it would be good to have a long roaster to choose from. which the CPC already has relative to the other parties.

    So, there isn't much to worry about.