Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prince William As Canada's Head Of State?

Today's poll question; do you think that Prince William would be a good Head of State for Canada? It would appear that since his wedding announcement, Canadian opposition to the monarch as Canada's Head of State has diminished. My guess is that it has something to do with the unpopularity of Prince Charles, though it was only announced that William is getting married and not that he is necessarily going to leap frog his dad on the successors list. Is there now a perception that William's marriage increases the probability that Charles gets skipped for the crown?

Personally I have an open disdain for Charles and have a much more favourable opinion of William. I support severing Canada's formal ties to the monarchy, but I will admit that I will be significantly less upset if William becomes Canada's next Head of State than the alternative. I would even vote for Harry, the pot smoking Nazi before Prince Charles.


  1. Harry is the apple of the Queen's eye and the people of the UK and I believe also the Commonwealth.
    So he smoked pot and donned a Nazi outfit on a dare by his brother at least he is a warrior prince.
    Imagine the parties at Rideau Hall..........WOW!!!!!

  2. Prince Harry, 20, appears to be wearing a German desert uniform and a swastika armband. He is also holding a drink and cigarette.

    The Sun reported that Prince William was also at the party - dressed as a lion.

  3. At least Prince Harry apologized for posing as a Nazi, unlike the Duke of Windsor who offered no regrets for having been an actual Nazi.

  4. Speaking of Nazis... reminds me of our own Nazi, PM Pierre (the mystic) Turdo.

  5. Oh come on Sean that's not fair to say, Trudeau was much more of a Bolshevik than a Nazi...