Sunday, November 28, 2010

Caledonian Blame Game

Today's poll question; who do you think deserves the blame for the Crisis of Caledonia? Was it Julian Fantino, Dalton McGuinty, Stephen Harper, or even Mike Harris? Ipperwash is alleged to be the fault of Harris, so why then is Caledonia not the fault of McGuinty? The Ontario Provincial Police are beholden to the elected government of Ontario. Whether or not you think that should be so, I try to look at the big picture. Should Fantino have arrested McGuinty for creating a passive containment policy? If you want to change the law, vote for people who say that they plan to change the law; but don't blame the civil servant who followed the orders of the elected government.

Julian Fantino was first approached by the Liberal Party to run for them in Vaughan. Why do you think he said no? This seat, despite recent conjecture is the Liberals to lose as it has been Liberal for 22 years. Some media pundits are trying to set up the Tories as the leaders such that they can spin it as a Tory loss if they fail to win an otherwise safe Liberal seat. If Fantino wins, Ignatieff has big problems.


  1. Yeh and don't blame the nazies that were just following orders either I guess.
    Both McGuinty and Fantino are guilty IMO, Premiers can't over rule the laws of the Constitution and Fantino is sworn to uphold the laws of the land, the highest being the laws as laid out in the Constitution.
    I hope the Liberals win this seat because Canada is more important than a political party and the Cons have since forgotten that and need a reminder.

  2. Vaughan has been a liberal bastion for 22 years. Maurizio vacated his federal seat for the job of Mayor and easily won.
    The voters in Vaughan will decide which candidate has their support.
    I am impressed by the MSM in Toronto to inject themselves into the contest in Vaughan.

    The last minutes barrage of stories about Caledonia from the Toronto media smacks of desperation. The spin and damage control that they might lose the race, it is not a reflection of the state of the party or the leadership reeks.

    They did the exact same thing with the candidacy of Rob Ford. The Toronto media outlets should run their own candidates because it appears their picks have become toxic to the voters.

  3. The most interesting thing about the Fantino debate,and I am one of those who is dead set against the man, is the number of Conservatives who have revealed a "win at any costs" mentality,something we conservatives have always called the other Parties supporters down for.

    Principles apparently don't enter into it anymore.

    Another item I find disturbing is how many Conservatives don't understand the concept of a "Police State". Many think you have a police State when the police disobey the orders of the politician currently in charge,when in fact it's the opposite,as "dsaar" articulates above.

    Win or lose,Fantino is not the kind of PC guy I want in Parliament.

    Give me a Nigel Farrage any day.


  4. Anonymous said...Mr. Fantino was a police officer, albeit he was the highest ranking police officer in the OPP at the time of the Caledonia incident. He would have been bound by decisions made by Premier McGuinty. There would most certainly have been Liberal Policy letters in place with regard to the actions that the OPP could and could not take at Caledonia. Had Fantino acted in unilateral fashion without the sanction of McGuinty he would most certainly have found himself summarily held to account in much the same fashion that Sergeant Dean faced in the Dudley George incident at Ipperwash.

    Police officers often times find themselves acting in a way that is counter to their own personal beliefs. I have several relatives and many close personal friends that are police officers. They sometimes have difficulty reconciling these conflicts within their own conscience. My police associates are on the horns of a dilemma. Like the RCMP officers on the Greyhound bus near Winnipeg who did not “neutralize” a deranged person who beheaded a fellow passenger. I was outraged by the lack of fortitude on the part of the attending officers and said so quite vehemently to my police associates. It was calmly explained to me at the time that since no other passengers were on the bus no further harm could come to them. Further to this the attending officers and supervisors would have deemed the situation to be contained. The victim was undeniably dead as he was clearly beheaded. The victim and the perpetrator were the only two people on the bus. The assumption that no firearms were in the possesion of the perpetrator was a bad decision in my view. With only two doors there were very limited egress opportunities for the perpetrator. The Duty Supervisor made the decision to surround the bus and wait until the said perpetrator was able to finish his fiendish acts of desecration and cannibalism on his victim.

    Had any police officer on that scene acted in a way that could have endangered the perpetrator he would have found himself on a career ending path and in all probability would currently be behind bars.

    I would humbly submit that Julian Fantino understands this concept very well and thus he had acted appropriately at Caledonia and followed the directives of Dalton McGuinty.

    Cocked and Locked

  5. Part of the blame is just as easily laid squarely at the feet of the natives as well.They live here perptuating a society of suffering from the "poor me" syndrome.Instead they take billions from the federal govt ,the same one they rail when they dont have their hand out, and then some of their leaders pay themselves huge salaries?
    Heres an idea why dont those natives making six digit salaries give some to the rest of their band?
    If they are taking canadian tax dollars then obey our laws.

  6. Sure, Fantino was following orders...but did Mr Harper or McGuinty tell him to interfere with the crown attorney and try to screw Mr McHale ? Nothing but buck-passing between Ottawa and Queen's Park while the people of Caledonia swung in the breeze. In this instance, there was no difference between Conservative or Liberal. Fantino played ball with his political bosses and now he will be handsomely rewarded. The old adage holds true,`if you want to rise to the top, you have to sacrifice a few people'. What happened at Caledonia merely put a light on the sewage that happens in politics everyday. Something to think about the next time our fair weather politician friends come asking for money and support. I know what my answer is going to be....thanks for listening.
    A disenchanted CPC member.