Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Worst Performance By An Actor Portraying A Soldier?

Today's poll question; what is the most overrated war movie of all time? This is going to lead to the follow-up poll question, what is the single most terrible performance by an actor portraying a soldier? Early nominees are Charlie Sheen in Platoon, Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbour, Nick Cage in Windtalkers, John Travolta in Broken Arrow, and (insert your suggestion). This can include television if you want to include David Schwimmer for Band Of Brothers.


  1. Worstest Movie? Too close to make the call.

    Worstest "actor'? Our Dauphin, Justin Trudeau portraying WWI soldier, Papineau. Then, running as librano candidate in Papineau riding in Montreal, for some local 'hero' imaging, J.T., son of P.E.T., "the Dauf [Doaf(?)] used production still of hisself in WWI uniform, to 'enhance' the utility poles throughout the riding.




  2. How about Josh Harnett in Pearl Harbour. Or Gary Cooper in Sergeant York.

  3. Peal Harbour was not your typical War film. If I remember correctly they also did a musical it was called South Pacific. I dare anyone to watch a few clips without laughing or crying.

  4. When Pearl Harbor was released, and praised/panned, some young female went to see it, and heard people commenting. She was so upset that they gave away the ending.
    That is a true story.
    My favorite war movie was The 5 Sullivans, saw it when I was about 12.

  5. Worst ever: Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbour
    2nd worst: John Travolta in Broken Arrow
    3rd worst: David Schwimmer for Band Of Brothers

    The most overrated war movie of all time? Pearl Harbour by a country mile.

  6. South Pacific at least has beautiful music.

    The Great Escape is the best, though they should have given more credit to the Canadian from Cape Breton I believe who knew something about mines and tunnels.

    Can't remember the name of the film, but it was an incredible, harrowing film about people escaping from a concentration camp. Each one who escaped and was recaptured was nailed on a cross. I believe there were about 9 people involved and the suspense is terrible to see if anyone will escape. The worst part was the German villagers turning in the prisoners. Anyone know the name of this film?

  7. "Casualties of war" was pretty bad. Michael J Fox and Sean Penn were terrible. Over the top, grotesquely cartoonish. When I was a boy, I really enjoyed the "Guns of Navarone". Although I haven't seen that movie in a very long time.