Thursday, November 11, 2010

Afghanistan 2011

Today's Remembrance Day poll question; what should Canada's role be in Afghanistan beyond 2011? Should we stay in a combat role, a support role, or should we leave altogether? I support the Prime Minister's position on this matter, and whether or not we stay in a major combat role, we should stay so long as NATO stays. What say you?


  1. Our allies are not doing the heavy lifting. It is the turn of other nations including Portugal the recent Security Seat winner to take up their role and send their own troops in harms way. The Germans can also increase their numbers and shift them into the most dangerous areas.

    We have a plan and the training inside the wire can continue but Nato allies need to act or dissolve.

    Americans, Britons are being asked/relied on to do too much as well.

  2. I wouls support the training role. I do however have a bit of trouble with our soldiers staying after we found out that Karzi was taking bags of money from Iran. One of the private security companies is owned by Karzi's brother and the other is owned by Karzi's defense minister's two sons. Both are corrupt and have been blachlisted. Are we going to waste more money and more importantly our soldiers lives for this corrupt government and its system. I wish there was a simple solution.

    Rob C

  3. CS my only problem with what you said is that if you look back throughout history, the Anglosphere countries have always done the majority of the fighting against evil.

    If it weren't for the efforts of Great Britain, the United States, and Canada the world would be a much worse place today.

    We have to fight evil because we can't rely on Europe to do it. Its been proven throughout history. Not to mention, its the right thing to do.

  4. Pull all NATO troops out(except maybe the French), contain the country and "mistakenly" let all the Jihadists in, then air drop a big pile of guns and when they come to get them drop a nuke! Oooops, I think I was talking in my sleep again ;)