Monday, September 28, 2009

Ignatieff keeping the boots to the throat of the NDP

Here we go again. Lesson to the NDP, give them an inch and they will try to take a mile. This non-confidence posturing when the probability of a Liberal victory is declining just shows that the LPC remember how the NDP folded the last hand, and they are trying to push the dippers even farther. General Patton believed that if you can keep your enemy on his heels, you can control the engagement. That is all this is. It is a tactical move to press their perceived advantage. A lot of Liberals believed the big winner in the last "stand-off" was Ignatieff, and now they are simply coming back for sloppy seconds if Jack is willing to bend over and take it. But was Ignatieff the big winner in the LPC V NDP showdown? Polls don't suggest Ignatieff was the winner, despite what Chantal Herbert might declare. Beware of that annoying little thing we call in economics "diminishing marginal returns".

The Dion capitulation strategy didn't work, so now they are doing the opposite. Except that Politics is not an episode of Seinfeld, even though sometimes it feels that way. Negotiate legislation piece by piece, don't just blindly oppose everything. Some legislation is good, some is not. Judge everything on its own basis, don't simply reject it all without reading it. Layton already made that mistake once, and now it is coming back to bite him in the ass. Government legislation is not Green Eggs and Ham, okay. If you try them, you may find that they are actually really good.

This is the real world, not the wonderful world of make-believe...


  1. Not so sure I'm convinced. The Canadian population don't really follow who opposes or votes with the government (this past month excluded because of the change and huge amount of coverage). The Libs were getting slaughtered for supporting the government. Now they are acting like Harper was on his final days in opposition. Remember, Harper was low in the polls when the government fell and he only ended up winning the second time around.

  2. The Libs were getting slaughtered for supporting the government? When? Under Dion, yes, because nobody liked Dion (well except maybe Justin Trudeau and Gerard Kennedy). When Ignatieff supported the government from January to August, his polling numbers did not go down. Therefore it is factually incorrect to state that they were being slaughtered for supporting the government. INFACT, their poll numbers did not start to significantly decline until they launched their blanket opposition in Sudbury. You are wrong Will.

  3. Liberals up to old tricks, believing in an upcoming election they are trying to take support from the NDP. (real conservative)

  4. Just be aware that Karl Marx received another vote on my web poll around the time Will posted his comment...

    I'm just saying.

  5. my take on non confidence motion -

  6. Interestingly, Paul Wells is actually saying Jack should take the LPC challenge up and go with the no-confidence. Considering the LPC is still weak administratively and this whole Outremont in-fighting from the old guard is the perfect chance for Jack to turn the tables. Sadly, Jack isn't that good of a strategist so, we'll see what happens.

  7. Dippers have time to just sit back and watch the Libs destroy themselves, while supporting a govt because no one wants an election.
    Once the EI changes are passed, it will be game on.
    No way Iffy can get his troops ready for a decent run at the government by next spring.

    Libs have wasted 4 years in opposition not rebuilding, in any serious way.

  8. "Except that Politics is not an episode of Seinfeld, even though sometimes it feels that way."

    I take it you are referring to the episode where George decides that from now on, he will do the opposite of what he formerly would have done. After that decision, everything turns up roses for George, as he gets a job with the Yankees, gets hot women lusting after him, and so on.

    And so it seems the Libs are now thinking like George, with their non-confidence motion. Will it work in the long run ? Hard to tell. Layton of course is the wild card. The only thing I will point out, is that Jack was visibly upset when Iggy killed the coalition. Is Jack vengeful, like Coderre ? Iggy and the Libs better hope not.

    Calgary Junkie