Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Devil in the Details

Hypothetically if Bob Rae introduces a non-confidence on the first opposition day and all 3 opposition parties vote to topple the government, can Michael Ignatieff simply go to the Governor General and ask for the crown with 76 seats? Or would he require signatures of the other party leaders on say, some sort of formal partnership document? Either this is the beginning stages of a plan to seize power without holding an election, or the Liberals need to hire new number crunchers. How many number of ways can Ignatieff become Prime Minister without being elected as Prime Minister in an election? The electoral data is not on his side. That is the story that the real journalists in the Canadian media like Coyne, Martin, McParland or Ivison should be asking.


  1. He would need to form a coalition with or sign some kind of governing agreement with another party. Without an election, and an increase in LPC seats, there's no way for him to become PM without signing another agreement with the NDP and the Bloc. He would also need the GG to do a complete reversal and allow something that she struck down only 10(?) months ago.

  2. He's just going for an election, not some sort of coalition agreement. Ignatieff is in a position where he can win an election, though it will be tight.

  3. Stephen Harper would have to approach the GG and tell her he doesn't have the support of Parliament anymore - you're call GG as to what to do. GG could do two things 1. approach any of the party leaders (most likely Iggy because of his second highest seat count) and ask him if he thinks he can command majority support of the House. That's when some kind of signed document or verbal arrangement with another party would come into play. 2, GG could disolve Parliament, call an election and see how things stack up.

    Although it sounds odd, the GG could reverse herself from only a few months ago. Mostly because she's not an elected politician that has to answer to the public for her actions. Just because she feels like it on a certain day is pretty much her reason.

    Talk about Russian Roulette!

  4. The only way that dirtbag Iffy will become the Prime Minister is if he gets "installed" like you described. That is exactly how he became Liberal leader and how he "won" his seat in parliament.

    Blame Crash