Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gustavsson a reverse jinxs?

I wrote this piece in August, at such time when the Leafs had dim hopes and would benefit from finishing in dead last. Now that they have Kessel and no 1st pick this year, there is no benefit to tank and they have to try to win.

And tonight Monster led the Leafs to a preseason defeat of my Red Wings. Albeit PRESEASON, but the Monster played great. I don't know what displeases me more, the Leafs making the playoffs, or the Leafs getting the number one overall pick. But now that they don't have a pick, the world can revert to normal and I can cheer the Leafs to lose. The question remains, did my prophecy of "hoping for a Monster season" charmatically assure the Leafs of a playoff spot? I hope not. At the same time, Leaf fans are so beat down; I think it could help the game somewhat if they were competitive.

Damned conflict of interests...

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