Thursday, September 24, 2009

Muamar Gaddafi

If anyone didn't already believe the Dictator of Libya is crazy, his speech at the UN definitely clinched it. What does it say about the world that people like him, Aquavelvajad, Kim Jong Ill, Robert Mugabe, or any number of other lesser known warlords are allowed to reign over a large population of human beings? Just because they have the most guns and are the toughest S.O.Bs inside their borders does not mean that they should be allowed to inflict suffering on the local populace. Gaddafi is certifiably crazy, but remember when Bush invaded Iraq and Muamar shit his pants and turned over his entire nuclear program? He was trying to build a bomb under Clinton's reign, Bush kicked the shit out of Saddam, and fear enticed Gaddafi to turn over all his nuclear equipment that he bought from the guy who built the Pakistani bomb.

You gotta wonder what was going through Obama's head when he heard Gaddafi's "Obama should be President for the rest of his life" endorsement. I was thinking of running for public office, and I really want to seek a public endorsement from Charles Manson. That this tyrant masquerading as a leader wants Obama to be President forever, should be some sort of indicator. Under Bush, Muamar was afraid and turned over his nuclear program. Tupac Shakur used to say that when you are dealing with dangerous people, fear is stronger than love. Granted, he was shot to death in a gangland style street shooting. He didn't have much to say about it after that.

I look at Gaddafi, and I would really like it if Michael Ignatieff would elaborate on his targeted assassination belief. Which crazy world leader would Michael Ignatieff most want to have offed?

The South Park guys said it best in this speech in Team America. I don't think the left understood what the South Park guys were trying to say. The left treated it like it was a gay joke, but the South Park guys are generally Libertarian and were just trying to express how they viewed the war on terror while making a joke.

"Because if you don't let us fuck this asshole, we will have our dicks and our pussies, all covered in shit"

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