Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jimmy Crack Gary

It is difficult to write anything on this Phoenix Coyotes fiasco that hasn't already been written. I love Balsille increasing his bid. The NHL can't afford to buy the team back from Moyes at anywhere the Balsille price, and because it is in bankruptcy court a judge can award the team to Jimmy no matter how much Gary wants to oppose him. At that point what is stopping Jimmy from packing the team into a U-Haul and driving up to Hamilton? It is easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Once the team is in Hamilton it is in Hamilton. I don't see how legally the NHL could force an owner to operate at a loss in a poorly chosen market, when the owner can make a lot of money in the underserved heart of the hockey Universe.

The main reason that I would like to see Balsille defeat Bettman in this case, because it will be the beginning of the end of Gary's reign of terror. He should have to fall on his sword for ever facilitating the Jets relocation from Winnipeg to Phoenix. Bettman's job security depends on a delicate balance of power from the Board of Governors. Jimmy tips the scales against him, and once Brutus secures a spot in the Board of Governors, he can begin plotting against Caesar from within. I don't know exactly when this court drama will run its course, but I will be watching the outcome with interest. Beware the Ides of March Gary, beware the Ides of March...

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  1. Judgement Day in the Desert. Local Hamilton TV, Radio, Bloggers, Newspaper (both sport and news) are covering this shindig live. I still have a couple of nagging questions about this saga:
    1. If Jim from Rim does get awarded the team, does the court also have the authority to let the new owner move the team to wherever he wants? Or, can the court say, look Jim, we are a bankruptcy court, we got the money for the creditors so, we did our job, if you want to mess around with the NHL constitution try a New York or Toronto court to settle that seperate dispute.

    2. How much money is really out there in S.Ontario for another NHL team? Sure, S.Ontario is Hockey Central and LeafsNation is a testament to that, but, judging from AHL attendance in Toronto and Hamilton, how much can a new NHL team squeeze out of a relatively small corporate community and fans? I have never seen any economic forecast report with real hard data published anywhere on this story.

    3. Hamilton will have to pay big time for this team but nobody is talking about it. Sure, Jim said he'd throw in a couple of million to facelift Copps but, it is still a 25 year old arena that will need at least a 100million in renos to bring it up to par with the latest in NHL barns. All that money, judging from the cutthroat tactics from Jim, won't be all RIM money. Taxpayers (me) in Hamilton will have to pay for that. I wonder if my season's tickets can subsidize my property tax bill?