Saturday, September 19, 2009

May Day

Just out of curiosity, I examined the metrics of Elizabeth May winning Saanich. I am assuming that Ignatieff won't make the same mistake as Dion and pull the Liberal candidate in that riding. Lets say than Lunn holds his vote and May wins 20% of both the NDP and Liberal votes, she would still finish in 3rd place 18,000 votes back of Lunn. She needs to convert 1 in 5 Dippers and Libs, and 1 in 3 Tories to win the seat. Those are long odds. What is the record for most elections fought without winning a seat? How close is Elizabeth? Can she do it? She has earned my mute button. I can't listen to her speak anymore.


  1. It’s a un-elected Senate seat that she’s after. That’s where she can squawk, insult and hector without pause or reflection and not have to worry about her job.

    This whole exercise of her running for political office is to create a sellable narrative and legitimacy that she and her media enablers can peddle to Canadians if she gets appointed to the Senate by her Liberal confederates.

  2. I did a similar analysis earlier this month... the odds are even worse than that.

  3. I still don't understand why she wants to be in the HoC. She will get to ask a grand total of one question a year, not be allowed on committees, will not be recognised as a party so have the same rights as an independent and will be rendered mute. Wait a minute......where do I volunteer to get her elected ;)