Monday, September 21, 2009

Dennis Miller V Glenn Beck

I have set up a poll on my website over which American pundit you would most like to listen to for opinion on a breaking news story. I selected Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Dennis Miller, and Glenn Beck as the options. The first three are comedians who talk about the world, and Glenn Beck often acts like a comedian. Two left wingers, two right wingers. I am pleased to see that Dennis Miller has started to pull away with a 13% lead over Beck. I listen to the Miller podcast every day, and I would say of all the opinionists in the culture, I agree with him the most. I used to like Beck when he was on CNN, but he has become loonier on Fox. It can be tough to take him seriously sometimes, but that is not to say that he is wrong. Stewart and Colbert aren't really pundits, except that many young people treat their spoken words like the gospels. Stewart just takes news clips and runs them out of context while Colbert pretends to be Bill O'Reilly. It is both astounding and alarming how many young people take them seriously.


  1. The Miller Time segment of the O'Reilly Factor is the best weekly spot in the business.

  2. Kids take them seriously because Colbert and Stewart take themselves seriously.

    I am still waiting for all these 'speaking truth to power' comedians to practice what they preach with regards to Obama.

    He is one of them, and he must be given a free ride.


  3. Is it me or is Stewart getting crazier as he goes on? (real conservative)