Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jim Balsillie

Regardless of the final outcome in that Phoenix courtroom today, I am officially a member of the Jim Balsillie fan club. Where can I buy my Jim Balsillie lunch box to take with me to work every day? This man is absolutely determined to become an NHL owner, and he will not give up until he achieves his dream. It is a dream that I empathize with. If I had that much money, I would absolutely be doing whatever I could to buy a NHL franchise even if it meant enlisting an A-Team of lawyers for thousands of billable hours. It would be worth it. Bettman first exploited Jimmy as a prop to extort a new arena out of Pittsburgh, then tossed him aside. But as Chumbawamba might say when Jimmy gets knocked down, he gets up again. This is his third attempt to over pay for a franchise. And if he loses, I would fully expect him to start renting a condo in Florida, because there are potential buying opportunities in that State. Each time Jimmy attempts to purchase a team, he gets better at it. Or as the Terminator once said "my CPU is a neural net processor, a learning computer, the more contact I have with humans, the more I learn."

Jimmy is coming Gary, whether you like it or not. His dedication to the dream of owning a team is a powerful force of nature. And if we want to award him Nortel for his effort, I would not object.

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