Sunday, September 27, 2009

Can we bust this "Holocaust never happened" myth?

I will refer you to a rant that I wrote in September 2006, in and around the time that Iran was hosting their "Holocaust never happened" conference. How do I feel about the Jews? Well as someone who is 1/4 German (my great grandparents left Germany for the New World 20 years before World War One); I feel guilt watching Schindler's List. I don't know any Jews, I can scarcely recall ever meeting any Jews, but I strongly support Israel. My 1/4 German guilt is a factor, but my 3/4 Scottish Protestant side empathizes with the atrocities that the Romans inflicted on the old Jewish State. Romans invented the Catholic Church, and the Counsel of Nicaea wrote religious history. The Protestant dominant part of me looks at the Jews and says "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" which ironically enough is an old Muslim saying. Look, the Holocaust happened. If you don't believe me, take Hitler's word for it. Watch the interviews with the Allied soldiers who liberated concentration camps. Their words alone should tell you everything that you need to know.

Here is my 2006 rebuttal to allegations that the Holocaust never happened:

Holocaust: Fact or Fiction?
Wednesday September 6, 2006 - 06:13pm

Iran will be hosting an international conference on the Holocaust in the coming weeks, asking the question of whether or not it ever happened, or was greatly exaggerated. This is an opinion expressed by Muslims, hardcore Catholics, and other assorted bigots and idiots around the world. The Arab hatred of the Jews is a no-brainer. Jews hail from the same region, and both claim Jerusalem as a cultural capital. Catholic hatred of Jews is also a no-brainer. Romans had Jesus killed, turned him into a Martyr, then made him the center of their religion and blamed the whole thing on the Jews.

Why Hitler hated the Jews so much, I am not exactly certain. I'm sure religion had something to do with it, but whether he was manipulating the prejudice of the German people or he himself had some reason to hate them, history does not know. This is what we do know for sure; Hitler preached hatred of the Jews. Between his election in 1933 and the five year build up to WWII, his government seized Jewish assets and began arresting prominent Jews. I think that the prominence of the Jews in the banking community, and the fact that the Jewish collection of precious metals shielded them from the brunt of the Great Depression created animosity between them and the majority. Think about it. The stock market crashed because people borrowed too much money without real assets to back it up. The people that survived the Depression unharmed were the people with precious metals and tangible assets to back up their holdings. Jews did that.

So imagine everyone in a country is driven into poverty, but a culture of people originally exported as slaves from their ancestral homeland to your homeland had protected themselves from the collapse? Might this upset you? Might you be easily roused by an elected government preaching their demise? I believe that the majority of Germans in WWII supported the seizure of Jewish assets, but not the genocide of the entire race. Why did the Third Reich kill so many Jews? Well, imagine that you committed terrible crimes involving forced labour, and murder and torture designed to increase the efficiency of your labour force. The order to kill as many Jews as possible was not executed until it looked like the Germans might lose the war. Instead of leaving millions of people alive who witnessed how fucked up you were, why not try and kill them all to leave no witnesses? I have actually had a number of conversations with Catholics about religion and world politics who were convinced that I am Jewish. My answer; I am a Celtic Protestant, so I have more beefs with the Catholic Church than the Jewish people...

To anyone who tries to tell me that the Holocaust did not happen, to them I say lets dig up the earth surrounding these forced labour camps and do a CSI Poland. Oh wait, historians already did that. After debating facts that we already know to be true, there will not be any doubt that the Holocaust was indeed fact, not fiction. The President of Iran is playing political chess, trying to forward a view that discredits his enemy. This comes not long after he put further restrictions on freedom of the press, and fired a number of teachers and professors at some of Iran’s most prominent schools and universities who oppose his power. Using force to eliminate the opposition of your own people in your own country to your power is counter-productive to the well being of your nation. Iran had their "Night of the Long Knives".

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