Monday, September 28, 2009

Why I won't blame the Pakistani government for terrorist attacks against India

If you have been following my recent and past opinions on Pakistan, I would like to add some content. When atrocious acts like the armed attacks on Mumbai happen, I want to see the puppet masters brought to justice but I will not blame the Pakistani government. It is not in their best interests to provoke India, and as such have nothing to gain by allowing insurgents to initiate a large-scale attack on India from within Pakistan. It doesn't make any sense how Pakistan could benefit by galvanizing India into any military action.

Conversely, if there are extremist elements within Pakistan who endeavour to overthrow the Pakistani government, it benefits the bad guys to convince India that they are under attack by Pakistan. Therefore when I see India attacked by fringe elements within Pakistan, I do not blame the government for the incidents. I want to see the Pakistani government respond with appropriate force, but I will not blame them for the origin. What I will say is that the fringe element in Pakistan needs to be put down. Again, it reminds me of Old Yeller. NATO can't do it, India shouldn't try to do it, and the Pakistani military CAN do it. The Pakistani military is one of the best trained fighting forces on the planet. Those guys can kick some serious ass. I want to encourage their leadership to keep their boots to the throat of the bad guys.

The British oversaw the Partition of India and Pakistan once upon a time, and it could have been handled better. The animosity that exists between the two countries was born of their emergence from British colonialism. You all need to put that behind you. I don't know how to solve the problem of the disputed territories, but we need to start building a friendship between Pakistan and India. I am of Scottish descent, and my ancestors put down their weapons after centuries of conflict with the British and learned not only how to get along, but how to prosper from the friendship. When Scotland and England finally made a lasting peace, a little something happened that many call "the Scottish Enlightenment" (where the world was gifted with Scottish scholars like Adam Smith). Both sides benefited from calming down, and I believe we need a similar armistice between the government of India and the government of Pakistan. I know it is complicated, but I believe it needs to happen.

The real enemies are the aggressive insurgents in the Himalayas who want to collapse the entire Western economic model. Those bad guys know no borders. The world would be a better place if Pakistan could de-escalate from the border with India and crack some heads along the border with Afghanistan.


  1. India has succeeded by keeping much of the British traditions of democracy, army discipline and English. pakistan has abandoned those things and has become a place of lawlessnes and jihad. The Pakistani government is riddled with jihadis. The Pakistani intelligence agency( ISI) founded the taliban. Expecting the pakistani military to fight its own security division is not realistic. Then of course there is the matter of Kashmir.
    India is a peaceful secular democraticstate. It is becoming an economic super poer. pakistan is an Islamic republic. It persecutes its ethnic and religious minorities. It is usually ruled by military junta.
    Pakistani govenments if not directly responsible for much of the carnage in India, turned a blind eye to the attacks. In many cases the ISI is implicated in these attacks.

  2. are they not islamic?