Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lunn Vs May

I have never been to the Saanich riding and cannot speak on behalf of those people. I can only speak to those people. Mr Lunn has won that riding several times in a row, and has served those people in cabinet. I know that personally I would not vote for a "celebrity" candidate who is running in what her 4th different riding? She is RENTING a house in the area. The Greens evidently commishioned some polling firm to determine their best chance of winning a seat, and while they will not reveal the data they insist that it is Saanich. Other pundits suggest that the Greens best chances are elsewhere. What was the nature of the polling? What questions were asked? If they truly polled a sample of the population, certainly Tories were phoned and questioned. I want to know what the Green party pollsters were asking.

The people of Saanich Gulf Islands have to decide between electing a cabinet minister who actually serves them in government, or voting for a tourist that will have no leverage over anything the government does. I live in West Vancouver, and it is nice to know that I have a representative working on my behalf in the government of Canada. Although my man John Weston gets no TV time. Can I get more TV time for John Weston?


  1. Although I now live in Ottawa, I grew up in Victoria and know the riding well. Gary Lunn will easily be re-elected.

  2. William In Ajax Says...

    Elizabeth May is using the taxpayer subsidy to
    political parties, for her own personal gain.

    Without that subsidy, no fledgeling party could
    justify the expense of having their leader
    attempt and lose in so many different ridings
    around the country.

    It isn't about electing a green member to parliment any more, it's all about E May.

    She and her inner circle control the purse strings of the party, they are living the high life, while the party struggles.

    Greens had best wake up, the only interests being served, are those of E May, and her desire to become Canadas Environment Commissar.

  3. Also

    Eliminate that political party subsidy and watch Ellie May disappear back into the woodwork.

  4. cannot stand the thought of listening to this pompous blowhard for the next whatever .........
    the subsidy, and the leftist MSM is responsible for this nonsense - has nothing to do with "green" at all

  5. "The First Green Senator In Waiting"

  6. Anyone want to give odds that the government again attempts to end the political subsidy?

  7. It should be obvious by now that May is simply a Liberal wolf in green woolens. She could be expected to bolt to the Liberals if she could ever win a seat. Her real aim is to be appointed to the senate by some Liberal PM. It's interesting to speculate which province she would represent.