Friday, September 25, 2009

Boo Red Wings?

I was coming home from the golf course today decorated in Detroit Red Wing fan merchandise, and at the grocery store a young clerk gave me a dirty look and said

"Boo Red Wings"

I responded with,

"Really? It's about winning championships. I have personally witnessed my favourite team win four Stanley Cup Championships in my lifetime. How many have you seen?"

He bowed his head in shame and said,


To which I replied,

"Exactly. Know your role, respect the authority, and dread the red baby!!!"

I got back to my car and started laughing. Canucks fans are such easy marks, though Vancouver is my second favourite team in the league. I worked for the franchise for two seasons. I cheer when they score. Allan Vigneault will not last the duration of his new contract. Coaches tend to experience diminishing marginal returns on their motivational speaking. They kind of had to give him the extension so the players would take him more seriously. If they thought he was a lame duck, they would be more likely to tune out the yelling and screaming.

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