Thursday, September 24, 2009

Canadian RCMP

I am employed in the Public Safety business. I endeavour to keep ordinary people free from harm for a living. The nature of my job includes working with police officers whenever they require my assistance. Tonight a teenager was stabbed near where I work, and I spent an hour and a half working with RCMP officers in the immediate aftermath of this incident. The victim is okay, and the suspects were apprehended in a very short period of time. I would just like to take a moment to say how impressed I was at the intelligence, diligence, instinct, and all around professionalism of the fine men and women who serve the public good as police officers. I have a traffic ticket that I am still upset about (NHL fan merchandise partially covering my registration sticker), but that notwithstanding I have the utmost respect for the Canadian Police forces.

I don't know that it needs to be said, but I feel compelled to say it. Thank you for doing what you do. I know that there is an element of Canadian society that is scornful towards our police officers, probably people more likely to engage in criminal behavior, but I have nothing but the highest praise for our police. To those who oppose the use of tasers by police, I say that they are less lethal than guns, and if you don't want to be tased, don't resist. If you don't flee from the police, if you are respectful to the police, and if you don't resist arrest, you will never be tased. And if you do decide to engage in aggressive disobedience, being zapped with a few volts is better than being shot.

"Never in the face of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few."

- Winston Churchill

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  1. Here, here! Our society has come to distrust those selected to uphold our values and laws. It began with disrespect for teachers and extends to all elected officials, church leaders and business people. This is wrong.