Friday, September 25, 2009

They love me in Whitehorse

I recently signed up for this StatCounter feature, which is fascinating technology, particularly when it tells you where your hits are coming from. This makes it that much more fun to be a blogger. Understandably the majority of my hits come from Ottawa, as can be expected of a politically themed blog. What has blown me away is that Whitehorse is in my top 12 cities for hit counts. On a per capita basis, evidently I am very popular in the Yukon. I have had twice as many hits from Whitehorse as Hamilton, ironic because I have dedicated thousands of words to lobbying for Hamilton to get a NHL team. Thanks Hamilton, thanks a lot. I dedicate my time and effort to get you a team, and despite all of that I generate twice as much interest from a city with 96% fewer people?

That's it; my new passion in life is to relocate the Phoenix Coyotes to Whitehorse. The Yukon has a proud tradition of hockey and terrific people. We can call the new team the Whitehorse Golddiggers. Can somebody start a webpage dedicated to getting a franchise for the Canadian arctic?

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