Monday, September 21, 2009

PETA to protest Vancouver Olympics?

I understand that I am not breaking news with this post, and that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have long been planning protests of this year's Vancouver Olympics because seals are hunted on the other side of the country. The CBC ran this story in June. It was not until a session of Canadian Parliament was crashed by seal protestors recently that this story popped up on my radar. I googled "Vancouver seal hunt" to research a piece that I was writing titled Seals; my contempt for a voracious predator, and all that popped up was petitions and articles about the Vancouver Olympics, most of those hits were linked to PETA.

The information that I was searching for was about Vancouver and its seal hunt. Why? Because the left coast banned its seal hunt years ago, and what did we get for our trouble? An explosion in the seal population. The population did not explode so much "out to sea" where they'd be orca food; it exploded up the river system where killer whales don't swim. Guess what happens in the river system? Salmon spawn. Now we have environmentalists saying that we need to start culling seals annually to save the fish population. If I were making a measured calculation on what is "ethical" and what is not; what's the difference between culling predators to save their prey and allowing a quota controlled commercial hunt?

I don't know what it takes to start a protest, but I would like to encourage someone (preferably first nations) to lead a counter protest. SAVE THE SALMON, HUNT THE SEALS!...The signs will read. Other than the hypocrisy of protesting a city for something that someone else is doing, the real story is that we need to culling seals to save our commercial fisheries.

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  1. PETA has no moral standing whatever their stance of the day. They are the ones who used to blow up medical research labs that gives us better medical care. University Medical Schools need to spend a disprportionate ammount of money to secure their labs from animalist terrorists.