Sunday, September 27, 2009

My plea to Pakistani Canadians

I have met a number of Pakistani Canadians in my life time, and I proudly declare myself a strong supporter of this demographic in Canadian society. They are hard working, intelligent, and when you get the opportunity to engage them in a thoughtful conversation it is often a rewarding experience. If more Pakistani people want to move to Canada, then I would support increasing the quota.

But to paraphrase Tom Hanks in Apollo 13, "Islamabad, you have a problem." The armed revolutionary movement in the north of your country has become rabid and needs to be put down. The problem spilled into the Swat Valley this year, and the Pakistani military responded with appropriate force. Pakistan has a very potent military, and the only chance NATO has of defeating this "insurgency" in Afghanistan hinges on Pakistan maintaining the offensive. When Benazir Bhutto was assassinated, I was very sad. When her obituary was featured in Time Magazine Jan 14, 2008, I not only purchased the magazine, I framed it and put it up on my wall to honour her memory.

To Pakistani Canadians who still have family in Pakistan, I would encourage you to go down to your local video store and look for copies of a North American classic called Old Yeller. Maybe send a few copies back home. This film is perfect allegory for your problem with the militant Pashtuns. You feel a natural kinship with them, and once upon a time they helped save you from harm, but once they become rabid and turn on you, they must be put down.

Old Yeller. Available at a video store near you.


  1. Hey Iceman, my plea to all (insert name here) Canadians is this. I came to Canada of my own free will and accord in 1965. First, drop the prefix e.g. Pakistan,or the country you came from. Canada is without a doubt one of the best countries in the world to live in. By all means come to Canada, however do not in any way shape or form forget where you came from or your heritige.However I say to all immigrants do not import the problems or the politics of the country that you came from, free yourself from them and involve youself in Canadian culture......argee

  2. I think you missed the point Mr Anonymous.

  3. I got his point Iceman and I admire and respect it.

    Sometimes when a person writes a sentiment, we forget to change the 1st,2nd and 3rd, person....

    I got it, Anony. I heard you.

  4. Thanks Bec, as an immigrant, I will never forget my roots, and maybe I was somewhat off topic, but I remain true to what Canada stands for in the world, and PMSH is doing a wonderful job of representing us on the world stage. My wife is Canadian and so are my children, men now. Iceman, I respect your opinion and enjoy your blog...argee

  5. I will never forget the shocking answer, regarding Salman Rushdie, that I got from an emigrant from Pakistan 20 years ago . Someone asked "What would you do if Salman Rushdie walked into the room right now?".

    The man replied that he would kill him on the spot.

    That was when I realised that some fanatical Muslims were DEADLY serious.

    Until then I judged Muslims as I would anyone else; despite subsequent atrocities I still do. Just be very aware that a huge cohort think just as that potential killer I quoted above.

    Lord, give me the grace to tell the difference.

    The main question is how big is that cohort that would kill us all for what we think.

  6. "The main question is how big is that cohort that would kill us all for what we think."

    I didn't include that sentence in my post. I do not know how it got there. Having said that it posited an inference that I felt out to be infered by the reader.

    I do not disagree with the sentence.

  7. The whole point of this post was to extend an olive branch to our allies in Pakistan through Pakistani Canadians. The PR war is won through the ground game. I feel a strong affinity for Pakistan, and I want them to kick the asses of the rabid dogs who are trying to kill Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan because I know that Pakistan can win that fight. That's why I wrote the piece.