Sunday, September 20, 2009

Are Pelosi and Harper new best friends?

I am a few days late with my opinion on the Harper visit to Washington, but I did watch the footage of Harper and Pelosi. My first thought was that Pelosi seemed unusually happy, as though Stephen Harper signing the guestbook was the coolest thing that she had ever experienced. I am not a body language expert, this is simply my opinion. Did the PM tell her a funny joke before they walked out for the cameras? I am assuming that she understands he is a Conservative and opposed to about 75% of her agenda? Or did her handlers tell her to act really happy to score some political points? Did she take an extra prozac in the morning?

I still can't figure it out. Why was Nancy Pelosi so happy to be photographed with Stephen Harper? Our PM had a smile on his face, but you could tell that he was mildly uncomfortable around Nancy. I am a part of the large demographic that believes Nancy Pelosi being Speaker of the House is not good for the World.


  1. I actually thought it was awkward. She didn't seem to like him, and it looked like she was making a face while Harper was signing the book.

  2. Pelosi is a flirt. Watch her gush over Obama. Makes me sick.

  3. Is that a hockey stick in your pocket Stephen? It looks expensivvvve: