Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why Polygamy should be illegal

Is Polygamy not already illegal in Canada? Why are charges being dropped against this Mormon pig in Bountiful? My opposition to polygamy is not on moral grounds, although when the women are not allowed to leave, then it becomes slavery. As I understand it, that happens quite often. The reason that I believe Polygamy should not be protected by the charter of rights and freedoms can be best explained by the mathematician in me.

This is not a focus on the family breakdown. If it becomes legal, then what stops it from seeping into the mainstream? What if professional athletes were allowed to marry as many women as wanted to marry them? There are lots of women who would willfully enter into such an agreement for marital access to the athlete and all his "resources". The Libertarian in me wonders, if both people really want it, why not allow it? Because if you allow the men at the top to cluster large numbers of women, that reduces the number of women available to the rest of the male population. It slowly becomes more and more difficult for males to settle into pair bonding, increasing the number of young males full of piss and vinegar without an outlet to release their "steam". Large numbers of young single males can be very dangerous in a society.

This is why Polygamy should be illegal. Don't let the case hinge on whether or not he married a girl under age, if he has multiple wives that alone should warrant a prison sentence. End of story. If it is not already a law, it should be. Let's get federal Parliament to do this when they back together again. If the Supreme Court says the law violates the Charter of Rights, then invoke the damned notwithstanding clause! Polygamy should be illegal. How much do you want to bet that when male children of these Mormon brigades hit puberty, they are either shunned out of town or segregated from the female population?

The Harper Government should put this legislation to parliament at the nearest opportunity. That would help boost his popularity in British Columbia, where he has a pending problem with enticing Campbell to envoke the HST. I would love to see the Liberals vote in favour of Polygamy, but Ignatieff can't be that stupid.


  1. Liberals are stupid!
    Paul (Jellyfish) Martin's lack of a backbone allowed for same sex marriage thus destroying all definition of marriage.
    Liberals are stupid!

  2. The Globe and Mail is running a series of articles on Afghani women in arranged/forced marriages. Many of these women are abused by their husbands and his family. As far as I can tell, these are marriages between one man and one woman.

  3. That should be "...and their families."

  4. The charges are being dropped, as I understand it, because a judge ruled that the Attorney General can't simply appoint a new Special Prosecutor when he doesn't like what the first Special Prosecutors decided. The first Special Prosecutors appointed dropped the charges because they didn't think they could get a conviction (a pretty common reason to drop charges). Now, I don't know much about the reasoning behind that decision, but that's why the prosecutors originally dropped the charges way back when. Prosecutors drop charges against people for all sorts of crimes, all the time, if they don't think there's very much chance of convicting them.

    Now, as for why the charges are being dropped THIS time, that makes perfect sense to me. Basically, the AG decided he didn't like decision the Special Prosecutor made to drop the charges, and so he appointed a new Special Prosecutor. The court ruled that you can't do that. It's basically "prosecutor shopping". In theory, if allowed to do this, the Attorney General could just keep appointing Special Prosecutor after Special Prosecutor until he found one willing to proceed, which kind of defeats the point of appointing independent prosecutors. I may not like the effect of that decision, but the decision itself makes total sense to me, and has nothing to do with the legal status of polygamy (which is illegal). A politician can't appoint a Special Prosecutor in a controversial case in order to avoid the appearance of political interference, and then simply appoint a new special prosecutor when he doesn't like what the first special prosecutor decides. Two other special prosecutors had already decided that charges shouldn't be laid, and the judge simply ruled that a politician can't appoint a Special Prosecutor to avoid political interference in a case, and then simply keep appointing new prosecutors until one of them comes up with a decision that the politician likes. Which makes perfect sense to me.

  5. At Bountiful, the young males are typically kicked out of the colony now. It is a serious issue, but noderreported because everyone's focussing on the young women.