Thursday, June 2, 2011

Layton Complains About Lack Of Proportional Representation

On Power Play Thursday Jack Layton had the nerve to complain about getting 32% of the vote in Saskatchewan and zero seats, which he cited as a problem of no proportional representation. In the past the NDP has been an opponent of our first past the post electoral system, but I would have thought after the results of this last election Jack might quiet down on this issue. The NDP were the overwhelming beneficiaries of our non-proportional system in Quebec, winning 59 seats instead of the 32 that 43% of the popular vote would produce. The NDP won 79% of the seats with only 43% of the vote. Will Jack give some of those seats back to the Bloc? The poor Bloc had almost 25% of the vote, but only 5% of the seats.

I'd say a lack proportional representation benefits the NDP. They have more seats in the Commons than a truly proportional system would have awarded them.


  1. Come on, Don't confuse Jacks issue with facts, his head will explode.

    Rob c

  2. Yes leave Jack alone.He needs a massage and then he will be OK.

  3. Jack prefers a system where 30,000 people in PEI have as much political power as 120,000 people in Alberta. He opposes adding seats in Ontario, BC, and Alberta to rebalance(somewhat) this democratic deficit. Real "proportional", Jack.

  4. The NDP does not oppose adding seats to Alberta, BC and Ontario.

    Shouldn't you be congratulating Jack Layton for sticking the what's--and the principles he has advocated for years--even enough it is now no longer in his self-interest.

    I guess you've just forgotten what principled leadership looks like.

  5. Jack and principled leadership in the same sentance? WTF? Nonny/
    Jack is the guy who conspired with the Bloc to steal our election in '06.

  6. Anony...."principled leadership" means telling ALL parts of the country the same thing - not promising one thing in French and another in English...

    "principled leadership" means not trying to pull the wool over Canadians eyes by calling a massage parlour a "clinic".

    "principled leadership" means encouraging your candidates to actually campaign in their ridings - not go on holidays - and then when they get caught - "principled leadership" doesn't mean excusing the behavoir.

    "principled leadership" my obviously have no idea what the term means.

  7. Good response by all concerned citizens.
    Jack will have to suck up to the Quebec partisans but will be unable to deliver. Nothing has changed in the deranged world of the NDP including the rhetoric.
    Principled leadership in a few words is like employment - There is more to the job then just showing up for work.
    The only reason the NDP received the numbers it has, was because the other parties were more despicable.

    E Mac

  8. Jack has been effectively painted into a tight corner.Whichever way he moves is going to leave a negative effect.
    He can squawk all he wants but it is to no avail.
    He needs to realize that talking out of both sides of one's mouth does nothing more than make him look small minded...ameteurish.
    Jack's problem is that he's a media whore with a big ego and no viable solutions.

    Ya gotta like the guy though for his wileyness but to take him seriously...?

    I don't think so.


  9. Jack's two coalition co-conspirators are toast!
    He is the "dead man walkin'" of Canadian Politics.
    The "Wiley voters" of Quebec figured they would be sittin' in the Coalition cat-bird seat.
    They obviously had no idea of the anger and revulsion in the rest of Canada for the three stooges.
    Well Quebec they tried and what did they get.... "Jack",and the kids, enjoy, gonna be a looong 4 years.
    Jack has trouble identifying things, whether concepts like Democracy, Honesty,Truth.
    Or is that sleazy second floor walk-up with the "red-light green light guy at the door, the flashing neon sign that says MASSAGE.
    Well gee is it a "rub and tug" or a "Community Shiatsu Center with licenced masseuses"
    Jack has all the believability, or plausible deniability of Willie Clinton.
    At least the Media in the USA asked the question.
    The only thing more sickening then Jack is the "Media Party" that gives him a pass.
    Jack wouldn't recognize principled leadership if it was going by in front of a brass band,jumping up and down, holding a sign saying "principled leadership"JMO
    Cheers Bubba

  10. William in Ajax said...

    Our (first-passed-the-post) voting system has a built in (radical policy) negator.
    Proportional Representation does NOT, in fact it promotes multiple parties with radical policies.

    Our (first-passed-the-post) voting system, promotes, strong independent mainstream political parties, selling policy and concensus that resonates with the majority.
    Proportional Representation, promotes multiple (NDP) parties, all with different names but pushing the same (NDP) policies.

    Our (first-passed-the-post) voting system, allows voters to choose who will govern them,
    and at the next election choose a different party and policies if they want to.
    Proportional Representation, dilutes the vote deliberatly, allowing political parties with radical views to choose who will govern over the electorate.

    Political parties choosing who will govern is (NOT democracy).

    Our (first-passed-the-post) voting system, promotes majority government whether left or right.
    Proportional Representation does NOT, in fact it promotes coalition governments only,
    it allows small 1 issue parties to dictate who will govern far beyond the importance of their 1 issue.
    Coalition government is the only way radical socialists ever get elected into power.
    (See Europe for proof).

    Say NO to Proportional Representation!

  11. I don't think that a Prop Rep system would give Jack the 'Happy Ending' he was looking for.

  12. One thing for sure Duceppe is getting the wish that he was hoping for, for Quebec through Layton.

    The 'fight' for Quebec by Layton will not end even as he consistantly repeats as his gospel, "60% of canadians didn't vote for the conservatives."