Friday, June 24, 2011

...And Going...

It is Friday night, and the filibuster of post office back to work legislation continues. I've just spent the last 10 minutes watching CPAC, and this is absolutely ridiculous, comically so. There might not be any cat calls, but these speeches are being drawn out and the NDP fails to see that the public on majority does not agree with their position. The NDP are playing to their union base instead of advocating a position that would benefit all Canadians who pay taxes and receive mail. This Andrew Cash is a clown. He's trying to sell his snake oil that the public is largely in support of the overpaid public union when polling shows that is not true.

Anyway, there is a ridiculous display on CPAC right now for you political junkies out there.


  1. I hear 'ol rub an tug is tourin' Quebec while the kids are fightin' the good fight?
    Jacques is going to have some po'ed newbies.
    Cheers Bubba

  2. And this is the party that aspires actually to form a government, one can only ponder the profound stupidity of their action in light of the fact that the majority of voters are not big public service unions nor their supporters. Oh my, but I forget that they are a union party rather than a national party representing Canadians of all stripes and walks of life.

  3. It is good that these overpaid clowns actually have to work a little overtime . They already get too much time off.

    Rob C

  4. I see a vote countdown, could it be that the kids gave up?

    12:10am Saturday morning is when the vote will be in Ottawa.

  5. rob from ottawa.June 24, 2011 at 9:23 PM

    The vote is on a dipper motion to delay the bill for up to six months.
    It will be defeated by the Conservatives of course.

  6. At least they're not reading the phone book from verbatim :-P

  7. The phone book might make more sense than some of the dippers are making. Why don't they stay on topic. By going off in all directions, mentioning things that happened years ago, they are losing a lot of support with their antics.
    And why are the dippers so worried about what a new hire might get after 30 yrs of work.
    The dipper talking now is repeating her previous speech.

  8. The conservative tactic is likely to allow the opposition to filibuster for as long as they can and not allowing the bill to be postponed. Puts the opps as having to decide which group on the left they choose to throw under the bus, the folks dependant on a govenment cheque in the mail at the end of each month, or the public employee unions.
    They can let this filibuster to continue all summer if they want.

  9. I say we should keep on negotiating with them on & on & on until the union has no more money and the members are all broke. Then offer them 1/2 of what they make now and a drastically reduced benefits package. If they say no privatize or shut the Postal Service down.