Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Should NATO Remove Muamar Gaddafi From Power?

Today's poll question; should NATO remove Muamar Gaddafi from power in Libya? NATO has admitted that its goal is indeed regime change in this North African country, and that the alliance will use air power to help achieve this objective. Before we ask the extent to which Canada should participate, the big question is should NATO be in the business of removing tyrants from power? Does anyone doubt that the world would be a better place without Gaddafi, Assad, or Mugabe? I vote yes. Next stop Zimbabwe.

I'm sure there are Senate pages out there who would like to see NATO force be used to remove Stephen Harper from power. He stole the election and was not democratically elected. Right?


  1. I know, why don't we use senate pages to remove Gaddafi Duck from power ?

  2. Yes! Thats it! Little Miss Taken and her home made stop sign! Think of the money we will save on jets, ships.
    Seriously Gadaffi was the one behind the Lockerbie Bombing, he deserves a J-dam
    Cheers Bubba

  3. Maybe THIS is how Obama is going to bring peace to the world, by warring on one dictator after another.

    First,the Middle East,then Northern Africa,then central and Southern Africa,then North Korea,then China! Wow!

    Gotta live up to that Nobel,Barry.

    This should be an interesting decade,not that the last one was dull.