Thursday, June 23, 2011

Layton Filibustering BC HST Referendum

A few weeks back when we were in our federal election campaign, Jack Layton was travelling British Columbia railing against the HST and the need to scrap the tax. Now here we are waiting to receive our referendum ballots in the mail to vote YES to scrap the tax, but we can't because there is no mail service. The federal government wants to force postal workers back to work (allowing us to hold our referendum), and what's the NDP doing? The Dippers are filibustering the legislation, postponing our much anticipated vote. Come on Jack, end the filibuster and let us receive our referendum ballots.

Regarding the HST, I never opposed merging the taxes, my fervent opposition was about the BC Liberals using it to jack up the cost of food, recreation, and various services by 7%. The federal government gave the Liberals the option not to add 7% to all these consumer goods, and that offer was declined. Things from gym memberships to haircuts did not need to become more expensive. You can charge two different rates. This isn't 1930. I'd rather modify the HST than scrap it altogether, but that is not an option on the referendum ballots we are waiting to receive.

Dropping the rate to 10% on all goods and services would easily offset the 7% increase on the smaller basket, I just don't trust the Liberals to do it. They have lied about the HST at every turn; first that they wouldn't do it (during an election campaign), and then the laughable claim that it would be revenue neutral. It is and always was a cash cow. Dropping the total rate to 10% nullifies the bulk of my complaint against the tax, but when I do finally receive my ballot I will be voting yes to scrap it because I'd like to throw some egg in the face of the BC Liberal Party.


  1. I agree with your take on the HST. Like many others I still resent the lying that took place under Campbell concerning the HST. Add to that the rejection of the federal offer not to tack on the 7% to things previously excluded from the PST and my blood starts to boil. Now it seems that Campbell is about to receive a plum appointment from PM Harper, which really stinks to high heaven. Campbell does not deserve any rewards and for PM Harper to grand him this causes me great concern about the party I contributed to and aided to grain a majority. It smacks of contempt for BC conservative voters.

    As for the NDP I can only say no surprise there. They could just as easily be named the Socialist Party or the Big Union Party.

  2. And don't forget housing! The exemption level is too low for Vancouver. This is nothing but a greedy tax hike and more redistribution, as people who get rebates do not have to provide receipts. Social engineering at its worst.

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  4. are you seriously trashing jack layton because he supported the postal workers and somehow connect this to the hst ballot?

    the federal conservatives are behind pushing for the "value added tax". they don't deserve any blame for pushing for stronger regressive taxation?

  5. Yes Chuck, Jack was deliberately postponing the HST referendum. That was the only reason he was behind the postal workers. That's exactly what I was trying to say. There was no sarcasm involved whatsoever...

    This post was about the consequences of postponing mail delivery. And the problem with the HST was adding 7% provincial tax to a whole basket of previously exempt goods and services, and the Tories gave BC the option of not adding 7% cost to things like food and recreation, Gordon Campbell declined. This was a cash grab for the BC Liberals, but it didn't have to be based on the federal government's offer.

    Whether or not the federal Tories pushed it, this blogger has always been against it. Merging the taxes was fine, but it was jacking up the prices of a whole bunch of stuff that pissed off the province.