Sunday, June 19, 2011

Liberals Delay Leadership Coronation 2 Years

Saturday the Liberal Party officially announced that it will wait 2 whole years before naming Bob Rae their permanent leader. Holding conventions aren't cheap, so it makes sense to delay the gala until the Party can reload its coffers (assuming they are even able to raise money going forward). It might not be 100% guaranteed that Bobby leads the Liberals into the next election, but I'd say there's at least a 75% chance. Unless the Liberals crash below rock bottom and file for bankruptcy before negotiating a merger with the NDP, Bobby is going to be the man. Yes there is opposition to his leadership within Liberal ranks, but where there's a will, there's a Rae...


  1. There will not be a Liberal Party to speak of come 2013

  2. I agree about Rae becoming permanent glorious leader, with one caveat. If the insiders of the Fiberal Farty think that the Son Of Trudeau (blessed be His name) is 'ready' they will shuffle old Bob Rae off to the sidelines faster than you can 'I'm entitled to my entitlements'.

  3. No self respecting Liberal is going to run for the leadership of this broken party. So Rae may be the only choice come two years. However, lets remember the Libs need money. They need donors. With Rae leading this sad party many in Ontario and indeed across Canada will be reluctant to give to any party that Rae leads more particularly if they believe there is a plot to annoint him leader in two years.

  4. I don't think many of the liberals believe Justin is ever going to be ready.

    It doesn't matter if Rae leads the liberals.
    No former provincial premier has ever become PM.