Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stephane Dion Is Back!

According to Jane Taber's latest puff piece, former Liberal leader Stephane Dion "has a new bounce in his step" and it is official, "he's back". Ever since the timely departure of Ignatieff, Stephane has stepped out of the shadows to take a bigger role in the reduced Liberal Party. Last weekend he was even sent by Bob Rae to be the Liberal emissary at the NDP convention. It was a bit of a catch 22; on one hand Dion negotiated the deal for a coalition between the two parties in 2008, but he was also the architect of the Clarity Act (which is very unpopular with Jack's newly anointed Quebec caucus). Now that the NDP has absorbed the Bloc Quebecois, surely Mr. Dion's popularity in the Dipper caucus is not what it once was.

Is Stephane Dion "back"? Not really. He was just muzzled under Ignatieff (whether that was a direct order or self imposed), and now they are letting him speak in public again. It is not a matter of a rejuvenated Dion capturing hearts and minds, it is about a depleted Liberal Party with a shallow bench and lack of palatable options. Trust me, the Liberals aren't sending Dion out into the breach expecting him to revive a dying party, they are doing it because they have been reduced to 34 MPs and have a desperate lack of choices to choose from.


  1. If Stephane Dion is the best representative that the Liberal Party can do then they are in deeper trouble than even I wished for.

  2. Powell: He is and they are!!

  3. Bob Rae will merge the further left of what is left of the "natural ruling party" with the NDP to become the New Liberal Democrats.

    Stephane Dion attended the NDP Convention in Vancouver not as an observer as the media would have you believe, but as Bob Rae's ambassador.

    This final chapter in the Liberal Party story is all about the further left Chretien faction splitting and leaving the Martin faction holding the debt of the bankrupt LPoC.

  4. I think Bob the Rebuilder sent Stephan Dion to Vancouver to bid on the word Socialist.
    Jack ain't done with that word yet apparently.
    Interesting to see them tie themselves in knots, trying to please everyone.
    continue Jack.
    As for turning my kids in if they particapted in a riot?
    You betcha! I would turn them in in a heartbeat.
    But then, my kids weren't there, wouldn't ever be there.
    We raised them to respect other people and themselves.
    They pulled their own weight at home, they have teenagers of their own now, nice kids

  5. I think you've got this wrong. Seems to me Dion's renewed semi-relevance is due to the fact that his leadership looks a lot better in retrospect.

    It's now clear that his terrible election results were not just do to his performance as leader, but the inexorable slide of the Liberal Party. Likewise, had the Liberals not turfed him in order to back out of the coalition, the advantages of holding power would have almost certainly saved them from such magnificent defeat as they suffered on May 2nd.

  6. The Liberals are the ones who "don't get it" alright.

    IMHO, until the party is purged once-and-for-all of the likes of Goodale, Fry, Easter,Dingwall, Apps, and every other "entitled" filthy little crook behind AdScam and these other self-serving programs of embezzlement, some of these little pricks spend time in jail,the missing $40 mil is returned with full admission of guilt and wrong-doing, AND this POS party denounces all they have done to people in this country, for their own personal gain, the Liberals BELONG in the backwoods.

    The Left is poison. They can collectively go to Hell.