Sunday, June 26, 2011

Filibuster 2011 Over

Filibuster 2011 is now officially over with the NDP accomplishing nothing other than strengthening their union support and the Canada Post back to work legislation has passed. This is among the benefits of having a majority government. You can pass your legislation with the interests of the public held above the interests of a public employees union. Now the bill passes to the Senate, where there are no NDP Senators to filibuster. With the standoff concluded, we will be getting our mail again soon.

I'm willing to wager that we will see at least 2-4 more filibusters before the end of this majority parliament. Unable to block legislation, this dog and pony show is just about the only option the opposition has to make a point. What are our the final opinions of Filibuster 2011 and beyond? If you could use one word to describe the last 3 days, what would it be? Childish?


  1. Jack trying very hard to prove the Quebec protest surge vote that elected the vacationing NDP kids is a trend.
    Right, so he leaves the kids to do the heavy lifting and goes to Quebec for a grip and greet.
    What a phony little man.
    It took him a while to figure out just how off-side this filabuster was with Canadians.
    Cheers Bubba

  2. It looks like we've got a nice little narrative developing--PM wannabe Jack is too compromised by his too close relationship with organized labour, and so can't be trusted with the levers of power.

    It kind of reminds me of the knock against JFK, in the 1960 presidential election, that because he was a Catholic, he would be taking orders from the Pope.

    Union support is obviously a double-edged sword. I can see how Union support would be more of a benefit to a Party at the provincial level. But it's got to be a huge liability at the federal level--PSAC and CUPW employees are no where near as numerous, irreplaceable or likeable as, for example, nurses and teachers.

  3. One word? Pointless.

    And talking about pointless ... does anyone know why Jane Taber has left Question Period? Where is she going? I only caught part of QP and my inquiring mind wants to know.

  4. Watching Peggy Nash start off her statement in French rather than in English as she normally did when she and ndp were the third party strikes me rather odd, then I thought, part of the NDPers are the BLoc mps with addded que newbies.