Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kelly McParland's Beautiful Deconstruction Of "Stop Harper" Girl

If you have not yet had the chance to read Kelly McParland's piece today on the now infamous "Stop Harper Girl" who protested the throne speech, it is a must read that will make you laugh and think. This was a ludicrous incident that requires sarcasm and humour to adequately summarize. Kelly nails it. He's on the Roy Green Show right now discussing the article, which I strongly recommend listening (I subscribe to Roy's podcast for free on I-Tunes).

There were plenty of ways she could have registered her protest, but there is a lot of competition in the protest business, and standing on a sidewalk handing out pamphlets doesn’t get you on the front page of the Star. So Ms.De Pape worked up her sign, smuggled it into the Senate chamber and revealed it for the photographers. After being heaved out by the sergeant-at-arms, she was ready with a press release and a pal ready to schedule interviews with the media. Very slick.


  1. She already has or will have a job with one of these protest non-profits I predict.

  2. She is supposed to have been offered a job by the head of the Public Service. '
    The comments on Kelly's story are really something.
    One guy suggests that if PMSH isn't stopped before long the twit will be arrested, tortured and killed for her actions.
    Where do they get those ideas. I wonder if she will be on the Gaza boat from Canada.

  3. Actually, I would just prefer she be arrested and charged with a contempt of parliament, giving her a criminal record and the inability to board an airplane or hold any responsible position in the public service.

    I wonder what some of these people are going to say or do during the next election campaign when this stuff DOESN'T come to pass.

  4. Looks like Wednesday Addams ,but is Libby Davies Junior.I say we start a kitty so the little darling can experience the Arab world first hand.

  5. Oxygentax: I agree. I'm sure there's something they can do as part of an oath violation.

    The Criminal Record probably won't prevent her from boarding an aircraft, but it will limit her ability to travel abroad.

    IMO, the House is sacred. It is not a place for protest, but a place for discussion (even if that discussion resembles 12 year olds on the playground). It is our most importante legislative body and it should be impartial and non-partisan.

  6. Hey Don,

    If the place is so sacred, then why does our PM and his henchman (and you obviously) think that it OK that Parliment found them in CONTEMPT ?? ?? TWICE !!


    Your lying, thieving, two-faced, left-wing losing Liberals voted to hold the Conservatives in contempt along with their lying, biased Liberal speaker who was leaving anyway and wanted to perpetrate one final drive-by cheapshot before the door whacked his fat Liberal ass as he went through it.

    Now where the hell is your lying thieving garbage dump Liberal party after their sneaky and useless stunt? Irrelevant; right where they deserve to be, the bunch of creeps. Harper, the "contemptible" one, has a majority. Never mind your lefty high spending pro union NDP, they're useless-particularly outside Quebec.