Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hockey Night In Vancouver

It is not very often that a Canadian city hosts a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup finals, but that's exactly what's happening tonight in Vancouver. You can expect tens of thousands to gather downtown in what promises to be a big party, whether or not it has a happy ending. They might need to declare Thursday a holliday. The good news is that Vancouver has won every game at home and historically the home team is 12-3 in the 7th game of finals, so there is reason to be optimistic. The biggest problem facing the Canucks right now is that they don't have a legitimate tough guy on their roster. When Shawn Thornton skates over center ice in the warm-up and shoots a puck at Luongo who is stretching on the side boards, somebody needs to clock that guy! The Canucks need a Gino Odjick or a Tiger Williams.

I'm confident the Canucks can win, depending on which Roberto Luongo shows up. Evidently he now sucks when he can't take a pre game walk along the sea wall. He'll get to take his walk today before the game.


  1. Go Bruins Go!

  2. A lot of ifs there if Bobby Lou is going to take you to the promised land.

    The Canuckleheads have no heart, which is not surprising packed with foreigners as they are. The lack of production is a sure bet that the Sedin Sisters sisters minds are somewhere else - pining fo rthe fjords perhaps?

    I still don't think that Vancouver and its hockey "fans" have suitably atoned for their behaviour in 1972. (I understand Espo will be in attendance.) Sincerely I wish upon them the same success that Cubs have seen since they saw fit to banish Mr. Sianis' goat from Wrigley Field.

    As an aside, what percentage of the typical 10 mile wide, 10 micron deep "fans" in Vancouver would even get either of the preceding references?

  3. I've been telling everyone far and wide that Boston will win 2-1 because they have more good Canadian hockey players in their lineup than does Vancouver.

    Think I'll stick to that story,and IF Vancouver wins, rest assured I was misquoted.

    Regardless of who wins,I anticipate a hell of a game!!!

    Go Boston!

    Go Vancouver!

    And whoever signed Luongo to a 12 year contract should have his head examined.

  4. Go Canucks Go!!! The whining, ref favoured Bruins are a bunch of pussies. Without the Boston favoured refereeing and Luongos inexplicable meltdowns this series would've gone Vancouvers way in 4 or 5 games. Time for the Canucks to put away the cry baby Bruins, the media, the refs, and Gary Bettmans effed up league. Go Canucks Go!!!