Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vancouver Burning

Well the Canucks lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, and now downtown is burning. This city should be embarrassed and all these hooligans need to be brought to justice. Trust me, they were all captured on candid camera. To all the fans bracing themselves for another 11 years of Roberto Luongo for $60 million, I say sell sell sell. If Gillis can find a buyer, the future is Cory Schneider. When the Detroit Red Wings lost game 7 at home to Pittsburgh in 2009, there were no riots. Remember that Vancouver, for as much of a cesspool as Detroit is, they don't set their own city on fire when they lose. F**king Detroit has more decorum than Vancouver. That's all I've got to say...


  1. What a complete embarassment. The media tells me everyday that the smartest, greenest and most enlightened people in the world live in Vancouver. The media lies are completely exposed tonight. In 2004, this did not happen in Calgary. Why? The media tells me everyday the dumbest, reddest and most obtuse people in the world live in Calgary. Congrats, Vancouver! I am a proud canadian tonight.

  2. Vancouver you are pathetic. PATHETIC!

  3. The scum causing this riot in my opinion are not hockey fans. They are idiots that would cause the same destruction at a Rose Show if they thought it would garner the attention they seek.

    Meanwhile Congrats to Boston on their Cup win & better luck next time to the Canucks. Both teams whom in my OILERS opinion are only slightly above the level of dirt. When our young guys find their stride we will trounce both of you. GO OILERS!!!

  4. What a disgrace! I know there's a lot of Vancouver haters out there, and that's fine, hate what you want, but I've lived in Vancouver for most of my life and it's insulting to suggest that these pathetic thugs rioting in the streets represent Canuck fans, or the city, because they don't. Generalizing all Vancouverites as pathetic is pathetic! Look at the pictures of these rioting imbeciles, they are not hockey fans, they are criminals and thugs! It's a disgrace and an embarassment for this city, but this is not representative of all citizens of Vancouver, or fans of the Canucks.

  5. The Bruins had more Canadians on their team than the Chinkcouver Canucks.

    Vancouver is a joke.

    Canada is a joke.

    That's why the USA becomes the new home of every NHL player and successful Canadian.

    Canadians are a people who celebrate second best and the worst in people.

    Canada is a clown country full of wannabe Americans who pretend they hate the USA.

    Canada is second rate for many reasons and that riot is just one example of the clowns who live here in this Communist Hell!!

  6. Yup this completely ridiculous, unfortunately I believe that this would have happened win or lose because these anarchist retards had been planning for this all along. I can't wait till they round up these retards cause their all on camera. I hope they throw the book at them & make them clean up the mess they made, chain gang sounds appropriate in this situation. Publish their names,faces,ages,place of residence for the entire country to see. As for Luongo, I completely agree with you Iceman, Sell Sell Sell otherwise another shot at the cup will be all but a pipe dream.

  7. Anon Canada a Communist hell hey? maybe you haven't been keeping up with current events lately but Canada is one of the economic leaders in all the G8, while America is quickly sliding into the great black abyss. Your own president is the biggest socialist/communist wannabe, driving your economy and country into the ground. So before you pass judgement on another Country which you clearly know nothing about, maybe you out to take a look in your own back yard an the mess in America. Oh by the way Canadians are proud to be Canadians, and we never will be nor want to be wannabe Americans. But at that I do not hate America or Americans and I have met many good ones in my life and am still friends with them to this day.

  8. There was nothing to cheer about after 1986.
    Boston had some really good and some really bad teams during those years of futility.
    Then the Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics won six championships in five years.
    And now the Bruins have completed the set.
    After all those years of cheering for cellar dwellers and also rans.

    I get accused of lazily cheering for winning teams and I say Cam Neely and Bill Buckner to shut them up.

    Canucks fans, don't rip apart your team.
    Thick and thin.

    Now that Winnipeg has a new team I'll have to cheer for them, too.
    Just like I did when I was selling popcorn and peanuts at the Arena in the old WHA days.

    How about an ironic name for the team?
    Naming them after the Weakerthans, who wrote the song I Hate Winnipeg, would be funny.