Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Liberal Shadow Cabinet

Well Bob Rae did not have much talent to chose from, but today he managed to cobble together a shadow cabinet. With only 33 MPs and 28 spots to fill, just about every MP has a gig (when you include leader, deputy leader, whip, etc). It must be difficult when you have 32 jobs to fill and 33 people to chose from. Cape Breton MP Roger Cuzner is the only one I can find on the outside looking in. None of the posts are interesting or amusing, except maybe Justin Trudeau as the new critic of University and College. That makes sense for Bob to keep potential rivals in low places, though he did name Dominic LeBlanc as Foreign Affairs critic, Bob's old job.

This is not a compelling news story. Does anyone really care about the Liberals anymore?


  1. you must because your last 5 posts have been about the Liberals.