Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rob Ford "Is Legitimizing Hate"

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Now the Globe and Mail is running an article that by going to his cottage for Canada Day, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is now enabling bigotry and legitimizing hate? Come on, seriously!? Ford did not make any discriminatory comments or say anything that could even be remotely construed as hate speech. He simply does not want to attend a parade where there will be naked men, and has his own family traditions on this annual holiday weekend. The people making the big fuss about this aren't the bigots, but rather the media. If the bigots are indeed emerging from their hiding places, the blame rests in the microphones and keyboards of the media members sensationalizing this story.

If Rob Ford were trying to outlaw the pride parade or even enforce laws against public nudity, then sure you could draw the conclusion that he were "attacking" the festival, but that's not the case. He's going to his f**king cottage people, not herding anyone up to be sent to concentration camps. The clowns at the Globe and Mail need to relax.


  1. This is just the usual left wing sniveling idiots who are still pissed they lost to Ford'

  2. Well I'm pissed off that somehow Canada Day festivities have morphed into Gay Pride festivities in Canada's largest city; yet the biggest story in the media explains why forcing the mayor to attend is the only democratic thing to do.

    Way to go Canada, I'm sure proud to be Canadian now.

  3. July 1 is Canada or Dominion day.Be proud since the rest of the year we are told to be ashamed.I prefer to stay proud all year long.Be grateful we dont persecute those who think differently than we do.

    Canada's gay community thrives because the rest of us dont see it as an issue.Sexual orientation is really none of my business.Dont interfere in my sex life and i wont interfere in yours.


  4. If the media are so upset, why are they not almost naked when they cover this circus.

  5. You are right Maryt, why don't those lonely reporters do the job for FORD- in the nude.

    We have a job for those reporters who have nothing better to do " Get your butts of your seats and find the missing $40 million which the liberals took from us-including you. We want it back?"

  6. >"Be grateful we dont persecute those who think differently than we do."

    Surely you jest. 14 Human Rights Commissions would beg to differ. This very second, I have to ask myself if writing this post will subject me to government persecution because I "think differently".

    >"Sexual orientation is really none of my business.Dont interfere in my sex life and i wont interfere in yours."

    Yeah, because by not enthusiastically supporting the graphic march of "sexual orientation" through Canada's largest city on Canada day I'm interfering in your sex life.

  7. er.. make that Canada day weekend.

  8. If naked men are the issue, I wonder if the "Iceman" gets as offended by wet t-shirt contests, the Chin Picnic bikini contest and other "straight" events with equal amounts of skin?

    I bet if we had a look through the "Iceman"'s computer, we'd find a bit of porn featuring girl on girl action. But's that different, right?

  9. TangoJuliette sez, that from my seat in the bleachers:nonny9:46 presents a very weak observation.

    I'm not aware of anyone, Mayor or not, having to endure being cajoled, coerced, co-opted, persuaded, ridiculed and harassed into viewing wet t-shirt contests, bikini contests and celebrating what is, or isn't, on The Iceman's computer. Nor mine. Nor yours.

    psssst(*) but, hey - F.Y.I. , I do have a lot of real life and animation items of birds on birds and bees on bees.

    One certainly wouldn't want to be in the buff to catch that last act.



    t.e. & o.e.

  10. Indeed this is a blatant case of bigotry and promotion of hate. It is bigotry and hate against the mayor who has a 40 year old tradition of spending Dominion Day, or Canada Day for the Trudeau crowd, at his cottage with his family. I hope and pray that he maintains the courage not to cave in to the chattering class.

  11. Anonymous, I wasn't even saying that the nudity should be forbidden or that I personally find nudity offensive, just that it should not be mandatory viewing. I think the parade should be allowed to continue in its current format, so long as efforts are made to keep children away. If you want to make it a more family oriented event instead of an event for adults, take away the naked people.

    Either way, I do not believe any politician should be forced to attend. If you don't like that, don't vote for Rob Ford in the next election. George Smitherman, Ford's main opponent in the 2010 mayoral election is gay and ran an anybody but Ford campaign. Before the election he said "The polling that we've seen tells us that if an election was held now, Rob Ford would be our mayor. That obviously provokes a certain distaste and reinforces for us that we need to work harder for the values of our city." Smitherman finished second in the election; I'm sure with very strong support from the gay community.

    I doubt the Mayor will lose any support over this faux controversy.

  12. I'm a straight man and proudly take my young children to the parade every year.

    It's a celebration of our progressive history as a nation.

    We may have to endure Rob Ford for 4 years but this too shall pass. The Pride Parade will continue and Toronto will rise above short-sighted angry men,we shall remain the greatest city in the nation!!

    Happy Canada Day to all the homophobes and remember, it's "Canada Day" now. Deal with it.

    ps. seeing men in ass chaps doesn't "turn" you gay.

  13. The Gay Pride Parade supporter are displaying very bad manners and excessive hate in the comment sections all over the internet.
    I know there are many gay and lesbian Canadians who disagree with this behaviour. Maybe it is time they spoke up to defend the mayor's right to choose family over parades.

  14. I knew it was a Marcus Gee piece before even looking at the article.
    Gee sunk to reporting his attitude and not facts about Ford during the whole of the Mayoralty campaign, and he just can't let go of his personal distaste for the man.

    If Ford went to the parade, critics probably would complain that it's purely for political/optics reasons.
    Ford doesn't go to the parade - he's obviously turning his back on the gay community.

    It used to be a struggle to merely achieve a city-endorsed gay pride parade.
    Now mayors are ostracized and called haters and homophobes and bigots if they don't also appear and participate in the parade, no matter what their personal views are.

  15. This is a case of the extreme leftist media party and the gay activist movement feeling they have the right to foster intolerance and hate towards an individual simply because that individual doesn't comply with the bullying tactics of celebrating a certain lifestyle. The gay activist movement, do not speak for, nor do they represent all gay people. Gay people, like everyone else, are individuals who have their own thoughts and are not some kind of mob who all think the same way. The leftist media party do what they do best, whine, attack, bully, and foster intolerance while they nurture divisions among the populace. The gay activist movement and the media party should stop trying to bully everyone into celebrating their agenda. Just as it's the right for gay people to celebrate their sexual orientation and lifestyle, it's also Mayor Fords right to celebrate Dominion Day the way he chooses. The intolerance shown by the gay activist movement and their comrades in the media party failing to understand something as fundamental as the right to choose is more then slightly ironic and entirely hypocritical.

  16. Does anyone actually think that these political correct nags with all their squealing and sniveling actually helps their cause?

    I'm absolutely positive it doesn't.

    The very fact that the mayor of Toronto is a guy named Rob Ford is proof of that. And the federal election is more proof. The upcoming provincial election will make it a hat trick.

    These hags are nothing more than a gaggle of snot nosed, busy body old biddies. More and more people are getting fed up with them and their self centeredness.

  17. Gee correct this old guy if I am wrong here.
    Seems to me they are treating Mayor Ford with the same way that the Gay Community used to be treated.
    Marginalized, ostracised, vilified.
    Just shows me you don't have to be hetro to be a bigot.JMO
    cheers Bubba

  18. oh yes, our Wonderful Tolerant Left..
    they just keep on shooting themselves in the foot with their blatant hypocrisy.
    wish they'd just shut up already. the act has gotten old.

  19. The "Pride" parade is a political parade. I'm sure there are gay people who disapprove of the pride parade's depiction of gay lifestyle. Supporting a political parade should not be mandatory in a free country.