Sunday, June 12, 2011

O'Malley And Barton "Live Blogging" Tory Convention

Has the CBC begun answering access to information requests, because I'd really like to know how much they paid Kady O'Malley and Rosemary Barton to "live blog" this weekend's Conservative convention. If you are unaware what "live blogging" is, one basically shows up at an event with a Blackberry and a Twitter account belting out 140 characters of wisdom every few minutes. This is where journalism is trending, and you can get paid to do it! Having both Barton and O'Malley present led to some riveting back and forth Tweeting between Rosie and Kady about John Baird's hair.

Here is a sample of their more Tweets...I mean live blogs...from the convention. For as much as I dislike both of these "journalists", Rosemary came off particularly clueless.

RosieBarton: Sheesh, that was a weird moment.

kady: Also, what on earth is going on with @JohnBairdOWN's hair? It's like a stealth pompadour.

RosieBarton: I must say, this convention is not really full of gripping debate.

kady: And -- oh, surprise surprise: everyone supports eliminating the per-vote subsidy -- other than a few BC'ers. They're just punchy.

RosieBarton: Oh! I hear the MP 5 may be singing O'Canada

kady: And now, a round of applause for Northern Ontario! Hurray! Also, Eastern Ontario! Take that, GTA

RosieBarton: I have no idea what Jacques Demers is talking about right now

kady: Alert the local patios. @wmcbeath: Hmm... 2,000 delegates heading for coffee early?

RosieBarton: I saw @DeanDelMastro!!

kady: Oops -- it appears that the #CPC11 closing ceremonies have gotten underway a wee bit ahead of schedule, thus causing me to miss the start.

kady: Alright, the co-chairs have now congratulated the delegates and each other, and been congratulated in return. It's pretty much over

kady: Yes, that means I'm going to shut up for a while. But I do hope you enjoyed the coverage!


  1. They can be as clueless as they want, we taxpayers are paying for their garbage, and we have no way to stop it. Even if you don't watch CBC, or go to their blogs, you are still paying for it. They do not have to be accountable to anyone, as their failure to provide assess to information proves.

  2. There are far too many left wing bimbos on the public payroll. Please make it stop Tony.

  3. Call me crazy but I like Rosie Barton's tweets.

    Kady is way too verbose.

  4. stupid is as stupid does... and far below that is the CBC and CTV

  5. I am old enough to remember "instant" coffee.
    I also remember an old timer calling it "isn't" coffee.
    To be instantly connected to "twitterings" whose only real value is that they are "instant" is just as satisfying "not"
    Cheers Bubba

  6. Rosemary Barton can do good journalism if/when she feels like it, for instance when she replaces Evan Solomon on Power & Politics. But the inane exchanges quoted here in those tweets (twits?) are merely gossipy insignificant comments which IMO should have little place in serious journalism.

    And if we're talking "bimbos" -- their presence is not limited to the CBC or CTV. A couple of SunTV personalities could be similarly described. I suppose, though, ultimately it comes down to viewers' personal reactions: some of us see "a liberal hack" in every journalist and some of us consider each journalistic piece on its own merit.
    -- Gabby in QC

  7. And the CBC is getting an extra $60 mill for that.