Thursday, June 2, 2011

Most Desirable Canadian NHL City?

Today's poll question; in which Canadian NHL city would you rather live? Now that Winnipeg has been restored to NHL status, some pundits are asking if NHL hockey players would want to live there. That begs the question, which is the most desirable city for free agent hockey players? The strength of the Canadian dollar and economy assure that this endeavour in Manitoba will be more viable than when they left. The devaluing of the currency killed the Jets and Nordiques. Personally I'm a fan of living in Vancouver. The length of the golf season is particularly appealing. You become accustomed to the rain.


  1. The length of the golf season is moot, since hockey players have little time to golf between September and April.

    But I would guess in order...

    Edmonton / Winnipeg (tie)

  2. You forgot Waterloo. It's beyond me why todays SUN had an article about Toroonto being able to support another NHL team. Why also did Winnipeg get another team if they weren't able to support the Jets a few years ago when there is a market for another team in Waterloo ?. Beckman probably doesn't like Jim Ballsillie because he doesn't have a police record like most of the NHL team owners

  3. The golf season is longest in Toronto. Due to the fact that the players can usually start in mid April.

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  5. I like Vancouver and all but between the rain and the cost of living I wouldn't want to live there. Toronto .. no .. Winnipeg .. no .. Edmonton .. no chance. Montreal would be good if it wasn't in Quebec. That leaves Ottawa and Calgary, I'll go with Calgary.

  6. The Hockey News has polled players on questions like this. Most recently, players ranked Quebec City as the next place that should get a franchise. In 2007, there was a detailed poll on which cities players most wanted to play in. Of course, it would change somewhat with the fortunes of the teams, but here are the 2007 results:

    If you could play for any NHL team (other than your own), which would you choose?
    1) Toronto Maple Leafs (34) 14.4%
    2) New York Rangers (29) 12.3%
    3) Detroit Red Wings (19) 8%
    4) Los Angeles Kings and Vancouver Canucks (18 ) 7.6%
    5) Dallas Stars (15) 6.3%
    6) Colorado Avalanche and Montreal Canadiens (14) 5.9%
    7) Minnesota Wild and Tampa Bay Lightning (10) 4.2%
    8 ) Phoenix Coyotes (9) 3.8%
    9) Calgary Flames (8 ) 3.4%
    10) Anaheim Ducks and Florida Panthers (5) 2.1%
    11) Nashville Predators, Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins (4) 1.7%
    12) Chicago Blackhawks, Philadelphia Flyers and San Jose Sharks (3) 1.2%
    13) Boston Bruins and Buffalo Sabres (2) 0.85%
    14) Carolina Hurricane and Edmonton Oilers (1) 0.42%

    To what city would you least like to be traded?
    1) Buffalo Sabres (40) 16%
    2) Edmonton Oilers (28 ) 11.2%
    3) New York Islanders (24) 9.6%
    4) Pittsburgh Penguins (18 ) 7.2%
    5) Florida Panthers (17) 6.8%
    6) Carolina Hurricanes and St. Louis Blues (13) 5.2%
    7) Washington Capitals (12) 4.8%
    8 ) New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers (9) 3.6%
    9) Columbus Blue Jackets and Montreal Canadiens (8 ) 3.2%
    10) Calgary Flames (7) 2.8%
    11) Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings (6) 2.4%
    12) Nashville Predators (5) 2%
    13) Los Angeles Kings and Ottawa Senators (4) 1.6%
    14) Philadelphia Flyers and Phoenix Coyotes (3) 1.2%
    15) Atlanta Thrashers, Minnesota Wild, San Jose Sharks and Toronto Maple Leafs (2) 0.8%
    16) Anaheim Ducks, Colorado Avalanche, Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning (1) 0.4%