Sunday, June 19, 2011

NDP Delegates Vote Down Resolution Forbiding Liberal Merger

The NDP introduced a resolution at their convention in Vancouver this weekend to outlaw any talks of merging with the Liberal Party, and the resolution was soundly defeated by the NDP delegates. There were strong emotions on both sides of the argument; one saying that the NDP should not abandon its socialist roots and move to the center, the other that uniting the left presents a growth opportunity. You may recall that very recently the NDP's self ascribed "socialist caucus" came out and demanded that the NDP should shift farther to the left now that they have burst into the "mainstream". You know, growing support by moving away from the center where the greatest plurality of voters exist.

Will there ever be a merger between the Liberals and Dippers to unite the left? Your guess is as good as mine. There are Liberals who support a merger and Liberals who oppose one, just as with the NDP. One thing we do know for sure is that a majority of NDP delegates are at least receptive to the idea of holding negotiations.

In June 2010 I asked:


Daydream Believers (23%)
New Socialist Party (21%)
Communist Party of Canada (20%)
Liberal Democrats (13%)
Lippers (11%)
New Ditheral Party (8%)


  1. I have a feeling that there will be a merger between ndp and liberals. Obviously, it is not going to be bragged around...just pretend they dislike each other. Remember, Bob Rae was an NDPer and noticing how well NDP is doing, might want to relive that fame he was had.

    But one thing to be reminded, NDP owe their thanks to Quebec-the ROC can take a back seat.

  2. BTW, Layton like to brag about his support for postal strikers yet no one asked Layton, where does he get his mail from or how does he send out mail especially to people. Shouldn't he not receive nor send mail support of his postal strikes.

    Look what happened on Friday, he bellows at the government for not dealing with air canada but instead of staying home to support the strikers at air canada, Layton basically crosses his union buddies picket line to a non- union air line, Westjet, so that he and the NDP party can arrive at BC.
    Why didn't Layton stay home to support his union buddies?

    If this was PM Harper, the noise in the media would come alive.

  3. Fantastic feedback Jen! Thank you for your contribution.

  4. The liberals have a problem, well a few really, but two or three of them are prominent right now.
    -1- Bob Rae - This guy wants to be leader of the governing party, the conditions however and his age are working against that as the odds of him being leader of either the federal NDP, a renewed liberal party, or even a merged party of liberal socialists get long indeed.
    -2- Time - The events in the US effect us, and right now the mood from the US is that fiscally sound governments are in and spendthrift social spending is out. This does not leave much room to grow for both the LPC and the NDP.
    -3- Money - As the prospect of the electoral subsidy disapearing becomes real, the left is finding that their well is going to get dry very very quickly.
    Now as we have all heard about how the NDP has a recent identity crisis and now like the liberals can't decide if they are socialists or liberals in a hurry, they face the dilema of keeping their base or deciding to attract more voters by moving from the left to the center, which is another way of saying a move to the right.